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NITTON MAKNE (Japanese: MAK音nitton -  Makune Nitton)


Mak音 (Makne; No known translation) - This is a pun on how she is a fan of the MACloids.

(Nitton; ninteen

TYPE: Macloid / UTAU - Works in both GarageBand and UTAU.






VCV Au Lait: D3~F#4


Coco Macne (White)(Idol)

Nana Macne (Idol)

AL!CE.16 (Friend)

Kireina Koe(Friend)

AGE Unknown GENRE N/A HOMEPAGE Nitton Home
WEIGHT Unknown CHARACTER ITEM Alpaca Plushie (Not often seen)  CREATOR HoneyPie (DA)
HEIGHT 5'4" feet (5'0 without boots) VOICE SOURCE

Honey (YT)




Google Images

BIRTHDAY December 26,2014 LIKES Squeezing boobs, dirty jokes, coffee, sweets, sushi, Mochi ice cream, flavored coffee cream, Alpacas, quails, cats, dogs, chickens, video games, being lazy, cursing, NSFW, pistachio ice cream, hot cheetos, boobs, trolling, baking, puns, spicy food, drawing, reading MEDIA LIST




RELEASE DATE December 26,2014 DISLIKES Most fruit and vegetables, VOCALOID Lily, Red Bean Paste and Seseme Mochi ice cream, extremely dirty rooms, ignorant people, Love Live Sunshine, most bugs, people that say "hella" SIGNATURE SONG NONE

Personality~ At first Nitton may come off as a polite and mature, however after getting to know them, they can show very different traits. With their guard up, Nitton can be a bit bashful and quiet, letting their nervousness of new people get the best of them. However once the wall is broken, Nitton can be very confident, often making perverted jokes, and attempting to divert attention away from their nervousness. Nitton is most relaxed when being brutal, often taking amusement out of being rude, and harsh around close friends. Though most of the time it is all fun and games. In certain situations, Nitton can be very skeptical and logical , however, because of the way Nitton likes to mess around by grabbing their friends breasts, they are mainly seen as perverted..

Supplemental InformationEdit

Hair color: Pink

Headgear: None

Eye color: Red

Earphones: Resemble a Mac computer mouse (hidden) That attach to a bow that hold up their pony tail

Dress: White, Black, and Pink / See Concept Art  

Nationality/Race: Swedish-Japanese Hispanic 

Voice ConfigurationEdit

Currently, Nitton is designed for the Japanese and English language.

You can find their download links on their main page, which is linked above, under "homepage"

Usage Clause

  • Under any circumstances is one allowed to pitch this voicebank unless to use male settings
  • R-18 Drawings are allowed
  • Redistribution is prohibited
  • Other designs are allowed to be made if only for fun or certain song
  • Roleplaying is prohibited

This article is written and certified true and correct by the author of the character. The details seen here may be subject to change without prior notice.

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