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(Japanese: マサキマッコ - Mazaki Mako)


まこ (Mako) - "Child of truth", in reference to how she hates lies.


MODEL: The creator is not sure what this is please help them.


Jammi (friend)

AGE 16 GENRE Alternative HOMEPAGE Doesn't exist (yet)
WEIGHT Unclassified CHARACTER ITEM Lettuce CREATOR iongriffon
HEIGHT / MEASUREMENTS 5'6" ft (168 cm) VOICE SOURCE Honako Chiba (prefered not to disclose their real name) PICTURE LINK LIST DeviantART
BIRTHDAY July 9th, 2001 (Birthday according to fan age) LIKES

Napping throughout the day, Playing all night, Anything that tastes sweet, Being praised

RELEASE DATE COMING SOON DISLIKES Skirts, Not having her glasses on, Dicussing her ears and tail, Being called "weak" SIGNATURE SONG N/A
PERSONALITY: Mako is classified as a bit of dandere, or a shy person. She only really talks to those she trusts. She's would usually sleeping during the day, since rabbits are nocternal, but since she's trying to get on the same sleep schedule as everyone else, she's awake during the day now. This makes her drowsey and yawn a lot. Maki likes being petted, as it calms her down quickly. She's easily annoyed due to her lack of a good night's sleep, but since she's not confident enough to speak her mind to those she doesn't trust, she usually keeps quiet.

Supplemental Information

Hair: Black, shoulder-length, white-with-blue-striped front part covers her right eye

Headgear: Rabbit ears(??)

Eye color: Gray-Green.

Earphones: None

Dress: A white, tight, sleeveless, cropped turtle neck with a short, dark-gray coat over top; complete with detatched sleeves and a gray-green necktie to match her eyes. She wears ankle-length, slightly baggy pants. Black, flat-footed shoes.

Others: She wears a gray-green belt and a gray-green strap hooked to a front belt loop and a back belt loop.

Nationality/Race: Japanese

Favorite phrase: "5-Bu ijō! (5分以上!;  Five minutes or more!)" She usually says this when someone tries to wake her up. She also likes to say "Anata wa bakadesu. (あなたは馬鹿です。;  You are an idiot.)"

Voice Configuration

Currently, Maki only has a romaji voicebank. The creator is working on making the voicebank for kanji as well, but for now, Maki can only sing USTs and songs with lyrics in romaji.

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