Mami TJHAN's Concept art - Copy

(Japanese: まみ ちゃん - マミ チャン )'TJHAN' read as 'chan'
MODEL:CV 03 - imprinted on her left chest

Himane Miu (Beloved one)

Kamine Tsubasa

(Beloved one)

Akumane Yuuto (Beloved one)

Aiko Ryoshi

(Enemy) TDJHOEN (Partner)





WEIGHT 35 kg CHARACTER ITEM Sytche and Bread (optional) CREATOR

In Chan Sakura/ ICSanimangalovers13/ ICS_13

(YT) (DevianArt) (Pixiv) (Blog)

(Soundcloud 1 |2)

HEIGHT / MEASUREMENTS 143 cm VOICE SOURCE In Chan Sakura/ ICSanimangalovers13/ ICS_13 PICTURE LINK LIST (DevianArt) (Pixiv)
BIRTHDAY 9 May 1992 LIKES Flirt with peoples [both girl and boy, anyone she thinks attractive], bread, milk, cute stuffs. MEDIA LIST

(YT) (DevianArt) (Pixiv) (Soundcloud 1 |2) (Twitter)

RELEASE DATE 3 December 2011 DISLIKES Left behind, stuck in some place, can not get something she want. SIGNATURE SONG Sweet Devil

She's one of yandere out there. She is trapped inside of 12 y.o body due the fact she has a weird disease that whenever she get an experience that shock her and make her in trauma state,
she'll fall asleep for 1-2 years. She has this cute atittude to cover her yandere side and childish side to cover her mature side. She act innocent and stuff, a total liar. She also related to TJHOEN by Aicchun. She loves Miu Himane and Tsubasa Kamine also everyone else but she hates Aiko Ryoshi because she always together with Tsubasa Kamine and Miu Himane and maybe another reasons too.
Also she's part of Hoodieloid and her number is CV 03.

Warning! She's a psycho!

Character Design

Mami TJHAN's Concept art

Hair color: Almost Black
Eye color: Brown
Shirt: Black or dark gray
Jacket: White
Pants: A black or dark gray skirt
Feet: White with red paddings below
Nationality: Indonesian-Japanese

Voice Configuration

Mami's voice is by default, encoded in Hira and Romaji. Currently her ACT 2 voicebank supports both Hiragana and Romaji.

ACT 01

mediafire | 4shared

ACT 02: mediafire | 4shared

Fellow HOODIEloids


  • She is a yandere.
  • She will flirt with anyone which mean there's an possibility of straight and yuri.
  • Total liar.
  • Has a weird disease which is when she suffer a lot of stress she will sleep more than a month or a year.
  • She is stuck in her 12 year old body.
  • TDJOEN or TJHOEN partner.
  • Hate Aiko Ryoshi very much.
  • Piss her off and meet your grave.

Usage Clause

  • Do not change any appearances that already be given out unless there is changes that have been made by the creator.
  • Avoid any mary-sues.
  • Please DO NOT pitch the voicebank.
  • Allowed to be use freely.
  • Ask for permission first if need to use the name for a Role Play.

Certified true and correct from Mami TJHAN's creator, In Chan Sakura or ICSanimangalovers13. Please do not change anything here without my permission

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