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Mamoru Arakaki utauloid

Mamoru Arakaki [ 新垣衛 ]

Mamoru is a crossdresser. As a girl, she's very shy and is afraid to be around a large group of people and tends to either hide or run away. When pretending to be a boy, she becomes extremely self-confident and will rush into things without thinking of the consequences. She feels her friends are like her family, though she can become very competitive. She loves and cherishes every person who she believes has a heart and would protect them at any cost. She chooses to go on with her daily life pretending to be a boy, because it gives her the confidence to protect all of her friends. Her favorite thing to do is to cause mischief, but she will never tell a lie (which is her weak point). She's actually extremely intelligent but pretends to not know anything, because she thinks it's fun to make others guess. If a situation turns out to be extremely bad, she will sometimes confess the knowledge she knows of something.

Name: Mamoru Arakaki [ 新垣衛 ]
Model: R21
Author/Creator: Yukiko Arakaki
Age: 16
Height: 156cm
Weight: 45kgs
Birthday: January 29, 2011
Gender: Female [ Pretends to be male ]
Hair: Long, light purple
Eyes: Left red, right yellow
Clothes: Yellow turtleneck shirt with one sleeve, black vest, brown shorts, yellow and black headset
Character Item: Red Apple
Likes: Being a boy, playing games, causing mischief, red apples, friends, learning as much as she can about all knowledge in the world, insane and cute people, being able to help people who are really sad or in pain, toying with others and manipulating those who she believes deserves it.
Dislikes: Boredom, being alone, being clueless about something, being called weak, not being able to help people who are really sad or in a lot of pain and people who insult her.
Release Song: [ハロ/ハワユ]
Newest Song: [ロストエンファウンド]
Voicebank: [Yukiko is currently working on the old voicebank to release a newer version of it.]

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