Mamoru tsukiyomi utauoid new comer by kuraisdarkness-d59mea4

Mamoru Tsukiyomi

Mamoru is a very quiet and seemingly shy person, but in reality she just does not like people or speaking. She is potrayed as a Tsundere by many people, even her own brother Kama. Due to this she curses more then she should and has violent outbursts towards unsuspecting people.

Mamoru seems to have a soft side for children younger then her, going into a motherly/sisterly mode when around younger children or teens.

She is extremely cynical, stoic, and deadpan, having a darker personality then many of the other female Utauloids. She also seems to love causing mischeif when other's are asleep or away, letting drama insure around her while she stays out of it to watch her handy work.

She has very good leadership skills when it come's to situation's that she and other's must work together to acomplish.

She tends to show more emotion while singing.

Mamoru Information
Name Mamoru Tsukiyomi


Birth Date January 8th 2011, following human years January 8th 1996
Gender Female
Hair Color Dark Plum
Eye's Candy Apple Green
Height 5 ft 7 or 170cm
Weight 49kgs
Character Item Kusarigama
Model VH1
Likes The moon, cold weather, hot chocolate, any sweets with chocolate in it, pain, watching other's get hurt, taking walks with her brother, reading, horror, red apples, her pet bats sanity an psycho, sleeping, the woods, wolves etc
Dislikes Being woken up, the colors pink, white and orange, spicy foods, her singing voice, when others speak of something they don't really understand but act like they know what they are talking about, hot summer days, the beach, birds besides ravens and crows.
Realease Song Dark wood's circus, by Rin and Len Kagamine
Newest Song Just be Friends by Luka
Family Kama Tsukiyomi (11 year old brother) Megumi (8 year old best friend)
Messurements B: C 38, W:? H:?
Genre Rock, Metal, Gothic
Release Date August 1 2012
FunFacts Tattoo's on both her shoulders, one of a star the other or a broken heart. She has two personalities. Favorite Color is yellow though she wears green and purple all the time. The bandage on her right arm is to hide scars.
Author/Creator YT) TheKurauchiha, DA) KuraisDarkness

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