Mic (Maiku)

(Japanese: マイク - Maiku)
FULL NAME: Maiku Mizuneato (水音アトマイク - みずねあとまぃく - Mizuneato Maiku)
First Name: Maiku it means Mic in japanese
Last Name: 水音アト-みずねあと (Mizuneato; Water Sound Art.) - mizu=water=agua + Ne=sound=sonido + ato=art=arte

TYPE: Utau Because he is embarrassed to be an Utau.


'Hikaru Kagene ('Best Friend, partner & soul brother)

'Kousagi Hyano'(Friend, partner & Soul sister)

'Rima Serizawa'(Friend, partner & and soul sister)

AGE 16 GENRE Any HOMEPAGE Mardilion's Blog
WEIGHT 160.93 lbs (73 kg) CHARACTER ITEM Mate and a Thermos CREATOR Mardilion
HEIGHT 5'7" feet (170 cm) VOICE SOURCE Mardilion PICTURE LINK LIST Not yet
BIRTHDAY October 25, 1993 LIKES Write poems and Lyrics, listening to and singing along music, always helping their friends and sleeping in rainy days MEDIA LIST YOUTUBE
RELEASE DATE March 5, 2010 DISLIKES Creepy things SIGNATURE SONG Not yet
PERSONALITY: He is a bit shy, he sings mainly in Spanish but he also sings in English, Japanese and Portuguese, He still practicing to one day become an Original Vocaloid.

Supplemental Information

Eyes: His eyes are grey but they change of colour depending his feelings and what type of music is he singing

Blue= Jazz, Blues and R&B
Red= Rock and Heavy metal
Yellow= Funk and Polka
Black= Tango
Grey= Pop and Techno
Purple= Rap and Hip Hop
Pink=Romantic and balls
Turquoise= New Age and Soul

Voice Configuration

He is able to handle Japanese, English, Spanish and Portuguese. You can download his voicebank from the homepage link above.

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