age 21-23
height 6'8"
weight 170lbs

Ideal songs: Marianne sounds best in Ballad like songs and pop songs 

Voicebank: though it's missing some sounds it's generally easy to use and doesn't need flags. 

Appearance: Marianne has long blue hair, part of her hair is pulled into side pony tail with a pink hair tie. The end of the pony tail is pink. She
IMG 0169

Marianne's Original design

 usually wears a black dress with a long train. This is because she is insecure about her long lanky calves. For the same reason she also wears long boots or socks. Her calves are actually longer than her thighs which is the main cause of her being slightly over average height for a female. Her eyes are blue and she generally wears arm warmers and a belt. On her shoulder tattooed in red are the letters "SCD1"this stands for her being the first in the SCD series . 

Personality: Marianne is kind hearted and slightly childish. She hides behind a smile so it is unknown how she really feels about the world though one would guess she hates to love it. She is insecure about her legs and her lack of ability to sing quickly. Her romantic type would be deredere though she is very protective of her loved ones but not to the point of killing others like a yandere would be. She would however have no problem punching someone who hurts her friends/loved ones. 

Extra: her character item is cotton candy, she is first in a series of utauloids called the SCD series or "sweet candy dream" series given it's name because all the utaus are made to have soft voices made for ballads, if there is no way for her to get cotton candy she will eat plain sugar from a spoon, she is a bit of a crybaby though she refuses to admit it in front of her friends.


It's okay if you change the gender factor.

you can use her in violent/sexual songs just don't go over bored

contact blacmmU on youtube or Blacmmthezebar on deviant art with questions

Voice provider: blacmmU


Japanese cv (error in download coming soon)

english cv (coming soon)

French cv vc (planned)

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