Marichelle Beucher ALIAS: None Yet MODEL: Utauloid GENDER Female VOICE RANGE Unlimited RELATED CHARACTERS JennyPhung AGE 14 GENRE Any HOMEPAGE None yet WEIGHT 99 lbs. CHARACTER ITEM Raspberry Pie CREATOR (Marichelle) Marichelle Beatrice Beucher HEIGHT / MEASUREMENTS 4'11" VOICE SOURCE Marichelle Beucher PICTURE LINK LIST None yet BIRTHDAY September 8, 2014 LIKES Sweets, Jenny Phung, MEDIA LIST None yet RELEASE DATE September 8, 2014 DISLIKES Swag, Dressing up, Shopping, Cats. SIGNATURE SONG None PERSONALITY: Marichelle Beucher is much of a tomgirl and loves to play video games and hang out with her friend Jenny Phung. She also sometimes tends to practice her electric guitar. Though all that, she is easily ticked off when annoyed. She can look like an angel, but if you even THINK about doing anything wrong to her, you would NEVER see her sweet cute face again. Apperence Edit Hair color: Brown Windswept Bob Headgear: None. Female Base by Marichelle Beucher Music base by UTAU synthesizer Add a photo to this gallery Eye color: Milk Choclate Brown. Earphones: White earphone set with Purple LED. Outfit: A plain white shirt with a loose Purple neck knot and knee-high black skirt Nationality/Race:American. The details seen here may be subject to change without prior notice. Voicebank Edit Voice is at the moment unfinished

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