Mariko Akine

(Japanese: 秋音まりこ - あきねまりこ)
Name Interpretation:
秋 (Aki; Autumn),
音 (Ne; Sound)
Type: UTAUloid
Model: R-85540
Gender Female Voice Range N/A Related Characters Mikio Akine (Brother, Guardian),

Shizuka Uminose (Friend)

Age 18 (Appearance) Genre Any Homepage Official Website
Weight 55 kg when active, 110 kg when switched off Character Item Not determined Creator roona-chan
Height 165 cm Voice Source roona-chan Picture Link List CV Concept Art, deviantART
Birthday October 30, 2013 (The day her system was booted up for the first time) Likes Autumn, traveling, fictional stories, mythical creatures, nature, animals, odd/ broken items Media List YouTube, SoundCloud
Release Date January 20, 2014 Dislikes Being alone, being a burden to others Demo Songs Artificial Children (CV ACT1.1 Demo), Melody.exe (VCV Demo), HYBRID (CV ACT2 Demo)
☀Traits: Naive, optimistic, curious, fairly easy to deceive. Tends to be kind of bossy.

Mariko likes to watch people to 'learn' from their behaviour, but often ends up confused. She gets excited easily when she discovers things she did not learn about yet.

At first, Mariko tends to be cautious towards people she does not know, as a result of negative expiriences she made when found out to be a robot. However, as soon as she realizes you are not a threat to her, she opens up rather quickly.

Click here for more information about her.

(You do not have to stick to this description, feel free to interpret her personality however you like!)

Supplemental Information

Mari full

Hair color: Dark brown on top, fades into a reddish-pink and yellow
Headgear: White metal-hairband with a small yellow lamp
Eye color: Green
Earphones: None
Dress/Outfit: White dress with red and light pink applications, red/light pink striped socks, a sleeve with the same pattern and a display on her right arm, a dark yellow ribbon on her left wrist, brown boots with small yellow lamps on their sides.

A re-design is currently planned!

Voice Configuration

  • 秋音まりこ CV ACT 1 ver1.1 - Download: ~ CV only. It is designed for japanese language and supports both Romaji and Hiragana.
  • 秋音まりこ CV ACT 2 ~ CV only. Will support Romaji and Hiragana, and feature end breaths. In progress! Planned release: Late 2015
  • 秋音まりこ VCV ~ Full japanese VCV VB. Will contain multiple pitches. On hiatus!
  • 秋音まりこ English ~ Full Stringed English CV-VC VB. On hiatus!
  • 秋音まりこ Append Soft (Name of voicebank may change) ~ Full japanese VCV VB. Will contain a soft and a more whispery type of Voicebank. Planned!
  • 秋音まりこ Append Power (Name of voicebank may change) ~ Full japanese VCV VB. Planned!

Usage Clause

  • Do not claim this character and the voicebank as your own.
  • The redistribution of this voicebank without the permission of the creator is prohibited.
  • Do not violate any rights or copyright policies using this character. The creator will not hold responsibility if incidents occur.
  • Do not pitch/alter the voicebank in any way.
  • The aliases or the oto.ini are free for you to edit if necessary, but only to improve the voicebank.
  • Do not use this UTAUloid for commercial purposes unless you have obtained permission from the creator.
  • Feel free to make fanart of her. You do not have to stick strictly to the original design.
  • It is not neccessary to credit the creator if you use her in any of your works, may it be art or a song cover. Simply stating the character's name is enough.

Please contact me (roona-chan ) if there are any questions!

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