Mario Fuwa is an UTAU vocal created by azazel, released in April 4, 2015. Since his release, he has received multiple voicebanks to suit various genres.



Mario was originally named Odayakana Kaminari back in 2014, as Maria's genderbend. He was made into an actual UTAU later on.

Originally he was part of FUWAutau Project, which has disbanded since late 2015.


In 2015, Mario's ORIGINAL voicebank was released to the public, and was released alongside Maria Fuwa. He was supposed to have a VCV voicebank a month after his release, but that was never finished due to a malfunctioning computer. Since then, his ORIGINAL voicebank has been discontinued.


Mario was given yet another VCV voicebank, and was released to the public during August. In late 2016, it was revealed that he would be receiving a new multipitch voicebank - EXTRA.

Several small changes were made to his character info as well.


Mario's first multipitch voicebank (EXTRA) was released in January. Later on, his power voicebank (RANCOUR) was released in August.


In the beginning of 2018, it was announced that Mario would receive a major update to his voicebanks - a multiexpression voicebank capable of singing in different tones. He was given a new design as well, including major changes to his character info. The new voicebank is currently in development.



The first name Mario is a latin form of Mars, and translates to hammer. It is a masculine variation of Mary as well.

The last name, Fuwa, translates to discord. It is also part of a mimetic word, "fuwa fuwa", which means fluffy.


Mario is usually perceived as rude, but in reality, that does not seem to be the case. He is more of a reserved young man in person, as he prefers not to speak to any strangers. When it comes to his twin sister and company, he shows his gentle side to them, acting like he's the big brother of the bunch. However, he has a very short fuse, so pissing him off or even provoking him may not end well.

He sometimes gets teased for his somewhat feminine physique, but he is slightly muscular as well; it's just that not everyone knows about it. Sometimes it's about other things, such as his relationships or his terrible gacha luck. Because of this, he gets flustered a lot.

Mario usually works part-time as a barista at his uncle's coffee shop, but mostly spends his time either sleeping, playing F/GO non-stop while trying not to spend his money (because of gacha summons), or being with his pet cat Popo. Has an affinity for cats and other cute pets. If he's ever stressed out, he'll usually take long warm showers.

ZERO, the “other” side of Mario, is something that he keeps a secret to everyone. Should his patch ever come off, ZERO will take over his body, revealing himself to be a monomaniacal killer. In this state, he holds no sympathy for others as he only lusts for blood and nothing else. Mario keeps ZERO sealed within him by wearing a special patch on his left cheek, and doesn't bring up the topic of ZERO often for the sake of his privacy. The only person who knows about this secret is Maria.


Mario has short black hair with bangs sweeping by the left, and has blue coloured eyes. His body build is somewhat slim and feminine, but is slightly muscular as well.

In his normal design, Mario wears a green sleeved shirt covered by a light brown sleeveless hoodie. He has a red scarf wrapping around his neck, and wears both black gloves. He also wears brown shoes. On his left cheek, there is a white patch.

When ZERO possesses Mario, black veins will cover his body as his eyes will be coloured blood red - from covering the iris to the sclera.

Voicebank Information


Mario supports the Japanese language only as of now. He has one CV voicebank, and the rest of his voicebanks are in VCV. Much of his voicebanks are encoded in Hiragana.

Mario has a young, masculine voice to his voicebanks.

Voicebank Libraries


  • Release Date: 04/04/2015
  • Type: CV
  • Pitches: 1

Mario's first voicebank that is released to the public, and is Mario's only CV voicebank. It is not recommended for present-day use.


  • Release Date: 08/24/2016
  • Type: VCV
  • Pitches: 1

Mario's first VCV voicebank. It suffers from a terrible microphone quality, but is functional nonetheless. His EXTRA voicebank is recommended instead.


  • Release Date: 01/04/2017
  • Type: VCV
  • Pitches: 3

A normal voicebank recorded in G3, C4, and F4. It has a drastic change in quality compared to Mario's previous voicebanks.


  • Release Date: 08/05/2017
  • Type: VCV
  • Pitches: 8

A power voicebank recorded in A2, D3, F#3, B3, D#4, F4, and G#4, plus an additional falsetto pitch recorded in D#4. It has an extremely versatile range, as it is able to hit high and low octaves effectively.


  • Release Date: 03/26/2018
  • Type: VCV
  • Pitches: 1

A weak voicebank recorded in D#3. Recorded with a sick voice.


  • Release Date: Christmas? Q1 2019?
  • Type: VCV
  • Pitches: 10

A multiexpression voicebank recorded in E3, A3, D4, F4, and G#4. The core set has all five pitches listed, while the power set has F4 and G#4, and the soft set has E3, A3, and D4. It has a more androgynous tone compared to most of Mario's voicebanks. Comes with glottal stops, inhale/exhale end breaths, and a vocal fry add-on. Because of this voicebank having multiexpression capabilities, it can suit various genres. This voicebank is meant to replace his EXTRA and RANCOUR voicebanks as an upgrade of some sort, and will be his default voicebank from now on. TESTAMENT is currently in the works, with samples being recorded and having a proper configuration. It is unknown if this voicebank will be out for beta.


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