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(Japanese: 不破マリオ - ふわまりお - Fuwa Mario)
不破 (Fuwa; Discord)
マリオ (Mario; Hammer) Also a latin variation of Mars.
GENDER Male VOICE RANGE G2~G5 RELATED CHARACTERS Maria Fuwa (Twin sister, duet partner)
LORNE (Friend)
Tumblr Ask Blog
BIRTHDAY April 4 LIKES Doritos, sports, strategies, adrenaline, sweet food, adventuring, floof, Filthy Frank MEDIA LIST NICO NICO DOUGA, YOUTUBE
RELEASE DATE April 4, 2015 DISLIKES Homework, injuries, people who hurt his twin sister, failure, idiots, stupidity​ SIGNATURE SONG NONE
PERSONALITY: Mario actually has three counterparts: Rio (default persona), Centurio (centaur persona), and ZERO (berserk persona). Rio and ZERO exist within Mario's body, except for Centurio.

The "Rio" counterpart tends to act rude and careless most of the time, but when it comes to his twin sister Maria and company, he is the complete opposite, as he shows his kind and humble personality to them. He can get a little flustered sometimes. Rio is extremely vulnerable to catching a fever.

The "Centurio" counterpart is more reclusive and lives inside a closet in the 776-UTAU household. He reads yaoi most of the time and fanboys over it. Centurio originated when Belzenef tried to separate him from Mario, and ended up in an artificial body that was supposed to look human, but he ended up having a body of a centaur, hence the name Centurio.

The "ZERO" counterpart acts extremely aggressive and will destroy anything in his way. Despite this, he does have his own personality, as he actually is polite and has a good sense of humor. He is sealed inside Mario, and he cannot be taken out of him because according to Belzenef, he would eventually wreak havoc and destroy everything, considering him "a threat to the world." While sealed inside Mario, ZERO spends most of his time sleeping, locked up in chains to prevent him from taking over. In several occasions, he can interact with Rio when he has a fever. The only time he goes insane is when he eventually takes over Mario's body.

Supplemental Information

Hair color: Black with purple highlights
Headgear: A patch on his left cheek
Eye color: Blue
Hobbies: Video gaming, adventuring, parkour, sleeping
Occupation: UTAU singer, parkour enthusiast, gamer
Sexuality: Bisexual
Race: Human
Nationality: Japanese-Canadian
Blood Type: O+


Art by E-theris

Voice Configuration

Mario so far only has one voicebank available for download -- his latest powerscale VCV voicebank. His monopitch CV and old VCV voicebanks have been retired in favour of his new voicebank. Future voicebanks are planned for the future.

  • EXTRA (v.1.2) - 3-pitch powerscale VCV with a teenage masculine voice. Includes pitches G3, C4, F4.


As an UTAU creation

  • Mario was actually meant to be the genderbent derivative of Maria via g+ flags. However, he was eventually made into a fully-fledged UTAU instead.
    • In earlier concepts, he was meant to be a butler UTAU, but that was scrapped due to the creator thinking it was too "weird" for him.
  • His former name was Odayakana Kaminari.

As an OC

  • Mario is actually the reborn version of ZERO.
    • Origins state that ZERO looked for a host to live onto before his original body decayed, that being Mario.
      • The same thing applies for Maria, but only a very tiny fraction since the majority of the host was Mario.
      • Mario's odd hair highlights and eye color are contributed by ZERO taking over his body.
      • If ZERO never took Mario's body as a host, Mario would have regular black hair and dark brown eyes, as well as Maria.
  • Mario has NO set personality aside from his three counterparts.
    • This is because that ZERO took over his body before he was even born.
    • The Rio counterpart was to act as a replacement to his blank personality, hence Rio becoming the default counterpart of Mario.
  • Mario's body can withstand extremely huge amounts of pain.
    • This ability came from ZERO himself.
  • Mario is 3/4 Japanese and 1/4 Filipino. This also applies to his twin sister Maria.


  • He has the tendency to catch a fever once in a week. The thing is, he has a strong immune system so there's no reason on why this happens.
    • One speculation about this is that he is slowly going berserk without even knowing it (in this case, ZERO taking over). So his patch must be changed every week to prevent this from happening.
    • Most of the time, he clocks up 12 or more hours worth of sleep.
    • Also, he usually sleeps shirtless to keep himself cool, but that's only when he has a fever.
    • When he has a fever, he is severely weak because of Mario's body not being strong enough to handle high body temperatures. This is because that ZERO is taking possession of it and Rio starts to lose control of Mario's body very fast.
  • His left cheek (covered by his patch) is actually an e-spot. He blushes when its touched.
    • This also includes the neck, which is way more sensitive to touch.
  • There's a reason why he has a patch on his left cheek; if removed, all hell breaks loose as ZERO takes over, and he will destroy anything that’s in his way, but there is no exact reason for this.
  • Rio is very protective of Maria; hurt her and he will beat you up.
  • He is the only counterpart of Mario who has a relation to Maria - as her twin brother.
  • The origins of Rio are unclear; he supposedly originated when a patch was placed on Mario's left cheek to keep him sane when he was a little toddler.
    • He is considered to be the sane version of ZERO.
  • Rio can get very flustered when it comes to him being complimented and such.
    • He doesn't know how to respond if complimented.
  • Quote: "You got any Doritos?"


  • He isn't actually a centaur, but an artificial one.
    • This is because Belzenef tried to remove this counterpart off of Mario and transfer him into an artificial body; sadly, that body accidentally turned into a centaur as soon as he was transferred into that body.
  • Has a large stash of yaoi.
  • Quote: "Leave me alone. I need to read more yaoi."


  • When taking over Mario, his eyes turn bright blue.
  • He likes sleeping.
  • Loves playing with knives, and is skilled at wielding and throwing them.
    • He also likes to wield chainsaws.
  • He is actually the ORIGINAL counterpart of Mario instead of Rio.
  • It is stated that ZERO is actually a weapon of mass destruction, and was put through many experiments before his original body died.
    • There is a reason why this happened, but it's unknown.
  • Quote: "Pffffffft."

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