Mario Magnifico '' English: Magnificent Mario



Mario Magnifico

Name Interpretation:

Spanish for: Magnificent Mario

Visual Representations:

Utauloid Image


Tribaloid, Dictioloid

UTAUloid Version Number:


UTAUloid Version Number In Standard English:

One Point One

Known Languages:

Spanish, All Dialects

Character Item:



Varies Depending On Health Slash Power


Varies Depending On Height


Varies Depending On Measurements

Date Of Birth:

September Thirteenth, Nineteen Eighty-Five


Mario Magnifico is based off of the Nintendo character Mario slash Super Mario.  The only difference is that this Mario is Mexican instead of Italian, and he speaks Spanish instead of Italian.  His singing voice is rather low when normal.  He sings in a high voice when excited or relieved.  He sings with vibrato when he is scared.  He sings even lower when he is sad or almost dead.  When he is mourning, he sounds like the noise you hear when you move a straw up and down in a to go cup, except without the pause for potential energy to move it the other way.

Voice Configuration:

As it says in his Type section, Mario Magnifico is a Dictioloid.  This means that he is not the average Utauloid: he is completely customizable as to the available words in his voicebank, because YOU get to add them!  On his download page, there is a separate file, an exe file, that gives you the complete power to enter single phonemes and connect them to make words.  Once youve made a new word, you can save it to its own wav file for use as a lyric.  This collection of words, which should be in its own folder separate from Marios default data, can then be transferred into UTAU as a new voicebank, where they can then be perfected, and finally, where they can be pitchbent to the very syllable or anywhere in between, until you are satisfied with how your song sounds.

Download Link:

A direct link to Mario Magnificos download page can be followed here. When the page finishes loading, download both of the displayed files, and voila, it should work from there. Please remember to extract the contents of the compressed slash zipped folder before using it. Otherwise,, ... well I think that last sentence pretty much sums it up.

For help with the dictionary editor,

See Kuma’ Nazhi’.


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