Marsitah Rashidi is a first Malay / Muslim Utauloid after all. It was inspired after hearing 'Ruko Yukone's' songs. She is 15 years old.

Her theme colour was red, pink, black, and alittle of yellow. She was design to be an energetic and strong female Utauloid.


Personality and History:

MY 1

She is a calm, yet sometimes can be a 'Tsundere'. She could fake a cry; at the basic word, nobody really knows her feelings except Kimi Aiman., her best boy friend. But they don't even showing each other loves, just be friends.

But she can be really scary at the times.. She can make a scary face.. And if she was 'pissed off' to someone, she'll said anything, but she'll kick that someone's leg.The creator of her says that she had a blue belt in taekwondo. Nobody could kick her back or she'll hit your head; with a hard hit..

But at the other hand, she was really kind. And she was rather being alone with Kimi. She likes to drawing, and loves to taking bath in a realllly long time.

She loves it when someone cuddles her. Even she was showing a hating-face, her heart was beating so fast that she wants more.

Even she was that violent, she could not hit little kid, and Kimi.. She'll just cry there. She could not handle to hit someone more than 2 times.



She had a long pink hijab with red dress. Also, she had a long black skirt.

(Actually, i dont really know whats to write in here..)

If she's open her hijab, it will showing her short shiny black hair. She seems pretty if shes open her hijab, as well if she was wearin' it.


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