Twinkleloid mary jane meme by lukamegurinexd-d56s4gn

Type: Twinkleloid

Gender: Female Voice Range:

Related Character: Brooke (Friend)

Luka Megurine Haku Yowane

Age: 15 Genre: Pop Website: Fanclub
Weight: Unknown Character Item: Cupcake Voicer/Creator: Citrus-chan
Release Date: June 29th 2012

Likes: Cupcakes, Luka Megurine, Pink, singing, dancing, saki

Dislikes: books, math, being alone for a long period of time

Signature Song: Double Lariat

Personality: She's usually a Happy go Lucky person, but is no the smartest girl around. she can be very stubborn when it comes to getting down'n dirty. she however can be very friendly too those she knows and likes, the people she dosent like, she gives them dirty looks. being the oldest of Twinkleloid Mary Jane holds alot of responsibility, but sometimes she lets the group down with her childish behavior. But most times, she gets her friends though big situations


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