Basic Information

Matoko Aine Laikopin is the first UTAU made by Dwessie. She's really hyper and occasionally annoying. She always tries to be cute, but occasionally comes off as creepy. She means well but has a few character flaws, including clinginess to friends, mooching off people, and Yandere tendencies. She acts like a Genki Girl ALL THE TIME and can often be found shouting, jumping up and down, or generally acting like a caffiene-addicted teenager.

Height: 5'3 Weight: Undisclosed
Age: 16 Race: 1/2 Japanese 1/2 Irish
Character Item: Tomato, sometimes yellow flowers Relationships:

Beigul Taikone (Best friend and roommate)

Donut Taikone (Beigul's brother and Matoko's crush)

Likes: Caffeine,Tomatoes,Vegetables,Sushi,Cute things, comfortable things, Memes, videogames, creepy things, blood. Hates: Being forced to do things, people who question her legitimacy as an UTAU, anti-ginger things, failing.

Matoko can be found on Youtube under DwessieMMD's channel.

General Appearance

Hair: Orange-Red. The color of an almost ripe tomato. Always in braids.

Clothing style: Shirt with One sleeve, white and red. The other arm has a detached sleeve, white and green. Miku's skirt, grey and green. black short shorts under her skirt, since it tends to go up. Long socks, white and green. Mary-Jane style shoes, Green with red soles.

Headgear: No headphones, but wears 2 yellow flowers. The kind that grow on tomato plants before they fruit.

Eyes: Red

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