Bacterial contamionation ENVY00:50

Bacterial contamionation ENVY

Envy temp

This a temp art for ENVY

Name: M@tthew Valentine Prefers ENVY  エンヴィ

Japanese cv Voice bank only

Envy's voice back click here to download

General Information

Name: M@tthew Valentine Aka ENVY エンヴィ
Age: unknown
Height: one witness says 6 feet another says 5'10.
Series: Demoloids
Country: United States
Identify marks: a blood red homulcus mark on his left arm.
Hair color: Ebony black with traces of green.
Head gear: Silver and blue headphones.
Skin color: same as his sister. Sometimes he tans it.
Eye color: purplish-red
Voice range: same as his sister.
Clothing: Black no sleeve shirt. Black gloves. Black jeans. red belts. Black boots with red shoe laces.

Bio: Knowing his sister's age is always up for debate because of him. He knows how and why he is a homulcus and why his sister bears the silver homulcus mark. He promise his sister that he would never tell. But he is considering on breaking it though.

Likes: to annoy his sister, video games, drawing, studying Japanese.

Crushes: a certain little midget. Not quite sure who.

Hates: Narrow minded people, Yaoi or Yuri haters, bullies.

Silbings and Friends

Mes@mea Valentine- Twin sister

Sprind@ Tenshi - Friend

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