Maya Culpah

NAME INTERPRETATION: Named as a pun of Mae Culpa which means "My bad" or "My Mistake". (In reality she is FAR from a mistake and is possibly one of the smoothest UTAU-loids that AREN'T VCV.)

TYPE: Average CV UTAU in ACT 1 with a tuned OTO file, Sings Hiragana and Romaji. Please credit or message the creator "Kalvin Lewis".

MODEL: No model number. Unmarked original UTAU, No model or serial numbers exist.

GENDER: Female VOICE RANGE 'Freq avg:' 234.0 Hz (A#3) RELATED CHARACTERS Lelias Melaven's Sister
AGE: 18 GENRE Any genre is applicable and often catchy indy. Mostly Slower Songs HOMEPAGE YouTube
Deviantart Gallery
WEIGHT: 122 Lbs CHARACTER ITEM Blue 4 Petal Flower as a Hair Clip CREATOR Kalvin/Tamica Lewis

5 foot 0 inches.


VOICE SOURCE "Tamica Lewis" is the original voice actor. PICTURE LINK LIST Deviantart
BIRTHDAY: Nov 11, 1992 LIKES Flowers and Sunshine SIGNATURE SONGS Common World Domination
RELEASE DATE: July 11, 2012 DISLIKES UST files that are squeely or Metallic sounding. Also Dislikes wealth. MEDIA LIST Youtube

She is known to enjoy singing popular tunes of other vocaloids and utau for fun with karaoke. She is a soft girl with honest emotions and a love for flowers. As a green thumb she tends to a greenhouse and sings often to herself. Her item is a sky blue flower which sits on the left of her head above her ear. She has no value for wealth because her main goal in life is to spread happiness. (If you use her to sing please message me the link of the video, So I can check it out!).'

To download the voicebank please click the link below.


Maya is Act 1 and the OTO.ini file is configured properly and there are no derp notes. Its also translated into romaji and hiragana. She comes as a standard CV utau-loid, and is made to be low on bandwidth while still being smooth sounding. She has a deeper more mature voice which had no tampering whatsoever.

Supplemental Information Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Brown

Dress: Blue Gown with a White sash and a Flower as an accessory. She also wears boots the same light blue as her outfit.

Drawing by

Kalvin Lewis

Utau "カナリア" Maya Culpah04:00

Utau "カナリア" Maya Culpah

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