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(Japanese: '女神 - めがみ)

女神  (Megami; Means Goddess)

-> Formally she was called "Megami Yuwakune"

TYPE: //////
GENDER Female (of Futanari whatever you like) VOICE RANGE (E#3-A#5) RELATED CHARACTERS

Deruta Lupe   (innocence cousin)

Spicane Rira (The dog. *sparkle*)

Szczepan Szaft (Victim *run as fast as you can... you can't escape*)

Temperance Kjellberg  (First utsu she bumped in to)

RAU (cousin)

Volante (N-02) (Shota friend)

Ajiata Chouka



(Fellow Nightmare & wife)


(fellow nightmare)


(fellow nightmare)


(fellow nightmare)


(fellow nightmare)


(fellow nightmare and /that/ handsome guy)


(fellow nightmare)


(fellow nightmare)

*insert million one-nightstands here*

AGE 19 GENRE Any HOMEPAGE Cyberkyo's facebook (message before add as friend)
WEIGHT 58 kg CHARACTER ITEM Sweet Red Pepper CREATOR AKU-P & Cyberkyo
BIRTHDAY 7 July LIKES Sport, music, playing hide and seek, flying, yuri, (group) sex, her headphone, food, her dildo, kinky games, spicy food, your ass,... MEDIA LIST Here

7 July 2013

DISLIKES When someone touches her headphone, mint, smelly people, naked feet, flowers, sandals with white socks,... SIGNATURE SONG ADAM

MeGami is a very selfish and narcissistic. Born in hell she is the daughter of a large demon family. Not a high class one, but not a shitty one either. Almost her whole bloodline works at the embassy, they go to earth, heaven, Walhalla, ... to exchange information with other mythical creature you probably don't believe in anymore. So just as everybody else MeGami was expected to do the job. Her older cousin RAU already went to earth to make some contracts with the local vampires in Romania and Hungary. MeGami was a fairly calm child, who didn't had a lot of friends. She filled her days with lectures, school and sport. She was good at flying, swimming and loved to climb trees. Yes, there are trees in hell as well.

When she was 14 years her personality changed a lot. She became feminine very fast and notice the attention she got with it. At the age of 15, demons can choose which class they are in. Their classes are on earth know as the sins. Of course MeGami went with Lust. Her parents approved it first because it was a long time ago someone of the family picked that sin. The most members had Greed, which is in general the most populair sin among the demons, together with Pride. When MeGami turned 16 it all escalated it and her parents decided that her inappropriate behaviour couldn't be tolerated anymore. To teach her a lesson, they sent her to earth to help RAU a bit. However instead of doing her duty, she found out humans are nice to play with. If you know what MeGami's definition is of playing... She was randomly teleported to Belgium. Where she asked the road to Temperance Kjellberg.

So her UTAU adventure begin...

To fit in society MeGami decided to change her appearance. The shape she has on earth is used for ACT1/ACT2/LILITH, her demon form is used for her new Revelation bank.

Supplemental Information

  • CV: ACT 1 & ACT 2 (art: 6LIN)
Com rebelgirlfrombelgium by shivatenshitan-d5verue

Hair colour: White/grayish/silver
Headgear: Black headphone with three lights (red-yellow-gray)
Eye colour: Pale blue

Special details: Camouflage print

Pitches: Both ACTs 1. ACT1 recorded on C4, ACT2 on F3








  • VCV: LILITH (art:  Galgani)

Hair colour: White-Silver

Headgear: Same as ACT 1

Eye colour: Same as ACT 1

Special detail: One-finger glove

Pitches: Monopitch, recorded on C4







  • VCV: Revelation 6:12 (art: AlphaApocalypse)
Converted file 32dbcad1

Hair colour: Pale yellow with snow white ombre

Headgear: None. She has a side-tail/bun on the right side of her head

Eye colour: Vibrant blue

Special detail: Up-side-down cross in the top, belt with the symbol of Asmodeus, one-finger glove, barbed wire bracelet,... This is her ultimate demon form.

Pitches: 7 VCV pitches (A3 C4 F4 soft-F4 B4 soft-B4 falsetto-E5)

Download: Only Available from 28-11-2016 until 29-11-2016









  • Nationality/Race: European (Dutch)/Mexican

note of Kyo: I changed her nationality because Aku-P is Mexican and I feel more Dutch than Belgian. The Nightmares is a UTAU-friendgroup and the most people are from the Netherlands. They are my UTAU family, together with a part of the Polish community such like Fyne-Q, Adasz, Ajiata, Shiro, Setsumine,... When Temperance & Lypse quit UTAU I felt like the Belgian community lost all its potential (aside from Ayumu), so I don't want to affiliate with passive-aggressive, not-able-to-oto-correctly people anymore. If you wish you can refer to both me and Megami as Dutch or European.

  • Favorite phrase: Wanna play with me?
  • Terms of use:
  1. MeGami is free to use, but do not claim as your own.
  2. Commercial usage ONLY WITH permission of both Aku-P and Cyberkyo
  3. Do not use her for spreading political or religious messages.
  4. 18+ usage is 100% ok. You don't need permission of that BUT I forbid it to use her in anything related to shotacon or lolicon (for obvious reason. These genres are forbidden by the Belgian law anyway). All of the other "hentai-genres" or whatever you want is completely fine.
  5. Credit Cyberkyo & Aku-P when using her in your works.

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