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【UTAU】Ai Kotoba【Mei Misaki】04:26

【UTAU】Ai Kotoba【Mei Misaki】


Mei-chan is the first UTAU of DeviantARTist Shanaa96. Comments on Mei-chan has been that she sounds like a boy *shanaa paps them on head*. Apparently according to Shanaa96's friends Mei Misaki is actually an anime characters name. (Shanaa96 did not know this //okgivemeabreakxD)

Voice Information

Mei-chan's voice is energetic and has a robot effect to her notes. This makes Mei's voice hard to use in some cases for calmer or quieter songs. Mei's voice sounds surprising when edited in external programs or in UTAU itself. 

A VCV for Mei is currently being produced by Shanaa96 and will be ready either Summer 2013 or Autumn 2014. Her new voice bank will include softer notes for her to sound more human and will/should suit with her design.

Her voice is Shanaa96's and Mei's oto.ini was made by A-Daiya on DeviantART.


The first design of Mei-chan was influenced by Shanaa96's favourite VOCALOID Hatsune Miku, and is as what other users say to Shanaa96 "un-original". A brand new design has been made for the UTAU. Her design is still influenced by the old design but Mei is now a Kemonomimi (Cat/Neko Girl) with Japanese influenced styles from Harajuku. 

Mei-chan's MikuMikuDance model is her old design as there has been no model made of the new design yet.


Before CV oto.ini Edit

Melt by Shanaa96

Melt by TheTibbySan

PonPonPon by Shanaa96

Strobo Nights (MikuMikuDance) by Shanaa96

Naraku no Hana by TheTibbySan

AFTER CV oto.ini Edit

Ai Kotoba by Shanaa96

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Shanaa96 @ DeviantART

Shanaa96 @ Youtube

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Shanaa96 @ Tumblr

(This Article was Written by Shanaa96 herself)

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