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Meiko Kasuma

Meiko means " bud" Katsuma means " action "
TYPE: Utauloid
GENDER female or male VOICE RANGE Meiko katsuma's range is not defined RELATED
Yasushi ( brother like figure ) Tani ( friend and scratchloid) Katsumi ( Friend ) Amy ( friend )
AGE 13-18 GENRE Meiko is good with low ranged songs HOMEPAGE
WEIGHT 60 pounds CHARACTER ITEM Lychee or a cherry CREATOR Colors100
HEIGHT 4 ft VOICE SOURCE Waterkarr for V1 Waterkarr for V2 PICTURE LINK LIST
BIRTHDAY Unkown... LIKES Candy, Japan and China, spicy foods MEDIA LIST
RELEASE DATE Meiko Katsuma is released but her released date is unkown DISLIKES Sweet Ann ( Vocaloid ) SIGNATURE SONG Ten Faced
ADDITIONAL INFO: Meiko is a 13-18 year old girl who is very shy and peppy she can be very stubborn and lazy as she dose a very lazy job on her homework and is a otaku she reads lots read manga too.
MKV2 copy

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