(Japanese: メリッサ Melissa)

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Melissa (メリッサ - just a name the creator thought of)

MODEL: NM01.2 ALIAS: Mel / Brother (by Sascha)
GENDER Female (trap) VOICE RANGE D3-F#4 RELATED CHARACTERS Sascha  (Adopted brother)

UT4 (Good friend)

Mariska (Friend)

Joshua (Good Friend)

Kaishouno (Good Friend)

AGE 14 GENRE Pop/Ballads/Techno HOMEPAGE !!!Coming Soon!!!
WEIGHT 108 lbs

49 kg


143 cm

VOICE SOURCE NijineMarinda PICTURE LINK LIST !!!Coming Soon!!!
BIRTHDAY July 22nd LIKES Junkfood, Gaming, Sascha, Sleeping MEDIA LIST !!!Coming Soon!!!
RELEASE DATE August 17th DISLIKES Sports, Make-up, Dresses, Bugs SIGNATURE SONG None
PERSONALITY: She is, as mentioned before, a trap. Her behaviour is rather boyish, but she does have her femine sides. She tries to act mean and unfriendly in the beginning, but she has many weaknesses, which makes her look very shy. She's a very lazy person, and doesnt like to move at all, except for when it comes to dancing or gaming. She really loves her adopted brother, but sometimes really can't handle his behaviour.

Extra InformationEditEdit

Hair color: White with Yellow dipdye
Eye color: Purple with Pink
Clothing: Her colour scheme is white, black, yellow and purple
Nationality/Race: Belgian (adopted by a Japanese family)
Download links:
CV 1:
CV 1.2:
VCV: Coming Soon

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