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Melody Akita Drawn by wonderful artist, Mayakins-23


Gender: Hermiphrodite (90% Male, 10% female. In character, Jen does not mention her/his gender at all.)

Age: 14 (Official age) 19 (Fan age)

Character Item: Dildo

Hair Color: Brown with red streaks

Languages: Japanese

Eye Color: Brown and Red

Height: (The child who sleeps alot and grows up greatly)

Hair: Pigtails

Likes: Being voleptious, sleeping, her/his dildo

Dislikes: Being awakened without a good reason, disscusions about her/his gender or chest

Outfit: Silver stretch shirt with read tie, a sleeveless dress coat, red and brown arm warmers, red belt, black pants that reveal a thong, black shoes. (S)he only wears one glove, on her/his right hand.

Author of page

The official author of this UTAU wikipedia is Trinity Loyyde.

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