Meruto Kanashiine

(Japanese: unknown - Kanashiine Meruto)

Meruto: Melt in Japanese
Kanashiine: Happy Sound

TYPE: EmotaloidMODEL: E-H - The model imprint is shown on her right shoulder.
GENDER Female VOICE RANGE Any RELATED CHARACTERS Artemis Ookamine (Best Friend)
AGE 14 GENRE Pop, Techno HOMEPAGE Meruto Kanashiine
WEIGHT 95 lbs (43.1 kg) CHARACTER ITEM Cantaluope CREATOR plantmageskelly
HEIGHT 5'7" ft (174 cm) VOICE SOURCE plantmageskelly PICTURE LINK LIST None
BIRTHDAY August 9, 1998 LIKES Miku, Prima, Cantaloupe MEDIA LIST None

July 27, 2010 (ACT 1)

DISLIKES Fish, Muscle Sprains, Len Kagamine, KAITO SIGNATURE SONG Staple Stable

PERSONALITY:A girl who enjoys sports but will also enjoy a nice and quiet night at home with a book. She also enjoys the soothing opera music of Prima.

Voice Configuration

This is Meruto's first Japanese voice bank. Her appends will be available soon. Here is her ACT 1:

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