UTAU Romeo & cinderella - Mery Kagura (Highloid)04:36

UTAU Romeo & cinderella - Mery Kagura (Highloid)

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mery costume

Mery Kagura is a Spanish free voice from UTAU.


Name: Mery

Surname: Kagura (it isn't the real surname)

age: 128

weight: 45kg

height: 140 cm

breed: angel type warrior



Mery was born in odísia, a heavenly paradise inhabited by angels and more mythical creatures. His life was calm until one day, a member of odísia was located on earth, someone who was her family, and was custom look, capture it, and bring it back to Odisia, so Mery descended to earth to find that secret angel.

Finish sorry for the bad English of this article, i have a bad english

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