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Corruption garden mesamea03:09

Corruption garden mesamea

Mes@mea Valentine  メサミア

Japanese voice bank only cv

Click here to download Mes@mea's Voice bank

Click here to get a better oto file for Mes@mea

General Information

Name: Mes@mea Valentine メサミア
Age: unknown
Height: 6'00 feet
Series: Demoloids *short 4 Singing Demons*
Country: United States 

Identify marks: a silver homulcus mark on her right arm.
Hair color: Ebony black with traces of blue and purple.
Hear gear: Silver and green headphones.
Skin color: Pale white just like her brother.
Eye color: Redish purple
Voice range: Depends on sound wanted.
Clothing: violet tank top with a black overshirt. Black skirt with black tights.Purple gloves. Black boots with bright green shoe laces.
Bio: due to the fact her brother is a Homulculs. Her age is always up for debate. She always said "I am 24 years old. You moron." She is the most serious one of the twins.

Likes: Magic, Alcamey, Video games, reading, listen to music if not singing, cooking, studying Japanese.

Crushes: Male Ruko Yokune

Hates: Bullies, narrow minded people.

NOW has a better oto file to download and better art work. New video will be up soon.


Silbings and Friends

M@tthew Valentine - Twin Brother

Sprind@ Tenshi - Friend

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