Mi-Mi's original concept art

Mi-Mi Melody sends her love while in her 'lab' -computer- while being created

  • Mi-Mi Melody is an Utau -currently under the works. her voice bank is being recorded as we speak-.
  • voice provider is Monica Ferman
  • Mi-Mi has a love for singing, sweets, her bestfriend Taakun and Kasane Teto.
  • Her voice is meant to have a sweet sound, similar to the sound of happiness and having a unique melody.
  • she was born in to this world so that she could help Kasane Tetos be known far and wide, and to also sing along her and al utauloids
  • her mother who can only be identified as "MaMa" created both Mi-Mi and Taakun in order to revieve Teto and Utau before completly been crushed but Vocaloid.

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