Other Name:Mirochann

Real name: MiRoLoID

MiRoLoID !!! Costume !!!

MIROLOID APPEND look like V3 LILY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Personal information

Gender: female

Age: 18

Birthday: 25th July

Release Date: 7th June 2015

Genre: Rock

Height: 157 cm.

Weight: 52 kg.


Creator: AmmiizJang Ph
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Voice Range: Unknown

Item: alga

Likes : Singing , Spicy food , alga , Math , English , Professors third gender 

Homepage : HOME

Dislikes : Prehistory(Faintly) , Man lecherous

PERSONALITY: MIROLOID APPEND Look like LILY V3 !!! But She is dashing mermaid. and she is tomboylist Like the fairness. She is not General mermaid. She is a woman who has a dispute with a tomboy frequently.   

With whom she had a habit Men like that very much. And she was often caught with women themselves. So she was label "Tomboylist mermaid ".

(ฉายาของเธอคือ "นางเงือกทอมบอย")   


Her Genderbend

Miraroloid (Genderbend)

Supplemental Information 

Hair Color: Reddish brown

Eye color: Light brown

Nationality: Thai


- CM Whiterock > Sample

- DarkRock(B1) > Flags g+11.5Y9 > Sample

- DarkRock(B1-A72) > Flags (g+9)+g+9Y4 > Sample

- Normal Rocker > Flags g-3(c107g+15y2)

Usage Clause

  • Credit to author when use voice banks or draw her as fan arts.
  • Free to "Download".
  • Don't sell is her "Voicebank".

Credit Art

This article has been written by the creator of AmmiizJang Ph

Please do not change any info.

Certified true and correct from MIROLOID's creator AmmiizJang Ph

Picture List

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