Miaki icon art
Miaki Tachibana

(Japanese:立花美秋ーたちばなみあきーTachibana Miaki)
立花ーStanding flower

美秋ーBeautiful autumn(Originally means 3 autumns but the kanji is too masculine for the creator)

TYPE: Voicebank based on character
MODEL: 83(Hachimi-from Hachi,which sounds like Tachi and Mi in Miaki)
Miaki Tachibana has no relationships
AGE 19 GENRE Mainly Jpop but anything is fine HOMEPAGE (Will create soon)
WEIGHT 46 kg(Never used lbs) CHARACTER ITEM Apple CREATOR Cyandes(YukiNaiko)
HEIGHT 156 cm VOICE SOURCE Cyandes(YukiNaiko)for now PICTURE LINK LIST (Will update later)
BIRTHDAY Janurary 27 XXXX LIKES Fruits,Penknives and Playing Jokes MEDIA LIST (Not yet for now)
RELEASE DATE (Not yet and can anyone provide her voicebank) DISLIKES Being restricted SIGNATURE SONG (None for now)
ADDITIONAL INFO: Miaki is somewhat a cheerful girl who is an extreme sadist and joker which most of her jokes are rather abusive so people usually tell her not to make any jokes or at least abusive ones and just stay cheerful.(By the way,she is 1/4 Korean,1/4 Taiwanese and 1/2 Japanese)
Supplemental Information

Hair Color: Orange
Headgear:Pink wireless headphone thingy on her side(Where the 83 is)
Eye Color: Yellow
Clothing: IDK how to describe 
Nationality/Race: 1/2 Japanese,1/4 Taiwanese and 1/4 Korean

Voicebank releases
(Private usage-I need someone else to provide their voicebank-preferable unused ones-a collaboration)

Voice configuration (Private usage)

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