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MMD And Utau Dancing Samurai Michi Yuko03:18

MMD And Utau Dancing Samurai Michi Yuko

Always my best friend base by beelzezlover-d319oiu

michi with a raichu :)

Japanese Name:

First Name:Michi

Last Name:Yuko

TYPE: Cheetahloid

Michi is a custom made Utauloid

GENDER: Female


Utshi Utskii- OlderSister

Tesune Rizu-Friend

Desho Hiruni- Friend

Aki atari- Little Sister

Micho Yuko- Male counterpart

Okami Koinu-Friend

Supaka hanashi-Friend

Tengoku Hyo-Friend

Kimyona Hikari-Friend

Tasha Hari- Mom

AGE: 12 years


WEIGHT: 100 lb

CHARACTER ITEM: volleyball

CREATOR: MikuMikuCheetah

VOICED BY: Amanda Bergeon

HEIGHT: 5.0 ft

BIRTHDAY: April 28th

LIKES: Sports And School


RELEASE DATE: July 5,2013

SIGNATURE SONG: Dancing Samari (cover)

PERSONALITY: Michi Yuko likes to be active by riding horses, biking, playing with her siter Aki Atari, and playing outside.MIchi also likes to play on her kindle fire before bed.

Plese go to this youtube channel to veiw videos by Michi Yuko

Voicebank Download:

Supplemental Information

Hair color: Purple Eye color: Light Blue

Clothing: Michi Wears A Grey Skirt With A Purple Bow Her Shirt Is Purple With A White And Blue Bow With A Strip Going Down the Shirt She Also Wears Coverse And Miku Like Glooves With Purple Outline She Also Wears Glasses

Hair Style: Staderd Bangs With A PonyTail In the Back

Nationality/Race: A Raichu And A Human

CatchPhrase: Get Outside And Play

Favorite Phrase: Exerseize Your But Off

Fun facts

Michi Prefers To Dance And Sing With Aki Atari Michi Likes To Sing Both low And High

Usage Clause

you CAN edit her BUT only to fix her Hair (MMD Model) You CAN'T redistributte

You CAN'T claim as your own

You CAN make another (Ex. tda Append, Onepeice, TDA) model with my permission

you CAn make art of Michi Yuko

You CAN have fun with Michi yuko

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