(Japanese: 三ドコあすね - Midoko Asune)

三ドコ (Midoko; No Translation)
あすね (Asune; Asu - Tomorrow; Ne - Right?)

MODEL: 0220



Midoko Asuna - Twin Sister

AGE 14 (Earth)

Unknown (Teroku)

GENRE Soft songs, Ballads (No power) HOMEPAGE NONE


HEIGHT 160cm/5'3 VOICE SOURCE RainbowPop/ChlozzyChan PICTURE LINK LIST deviantART: [1]
BIRTHDAY April 3 LIKES Chocolate, Singing, Feeling secure MEDIA LIST Youtube: [2]

SoundCloud: [3]

RELEASE DATE April 20 2014 DISLIKES Himself, Teroku, Waiting SIGNATURE SONG NONE

PERSONALITY: Shy and quiet. He can come off as cold. Asune is quite protective and observant, though sometimes he doesn't know when to stop. Asune procrastinates A LOT and has trust issues. Asune is recovering from depression, and tends to keep his feelings to himself.

Supplemental Information

Hair color: Pale Purple/Violet
Headgear: Mic-less headphones
Eye color: Slightly lighter than emerald green
Earphones: Blue and Green triangles on the band, with 4 squares on each headphone. Yellow, then orange, then red, then pink
Dress: Sleevless Pink shirt that ends at his lower waist. Yellow tie. Red and orange striped material covering both forearms. Long green/blue striped pants. Black shoes/boots with pale purple/violet soles
Nationality/Race: Terokan

Related Characters:

Kaida YurikoFriend

Kaido Yurika - Acquaintance

Akira Sugoshi (No page)  - Friend

Kagamine Rin/Len [4]Friends/Idols

Hatsune Miku [5]Enemy

Aoitorine Fuyu (Upcoming UTAU) - Love Interest

SU (Upcoming UTAU) - Enemy

Mika Kurai (Upcoming UTAU) -Acquaintance

Kiyoshi Hinata (Upcoming UTAU) - Acquaintance

Voice Configuration

Midoko Asuna/Asune DEMO: Completed. CV voicebank. DEMO voicebank. Japanese. Encoded in romaji and Hiragana. Download: None

Midoko Asuna/Asune ACT1: Completed. CV voicebank. Normal Voicebank. Japanese. Encoded in romaji and Hiragana. Download:

Midoko Asuna/Asune ACT1 APPEND: Cancelled. CV voicebanks. Unknown voicebanks. Japanese. Download: None

Midoko Asuna/Asune ACT1.5: Completed. CV voicebank. Re-record of ACT1. Japanese. Encoded in romaji and Hiragana. Download [6]

Midoko Asuna/Asune ACT2: On hold. VCV and CV in one. Normal voicebank. Japanese. Encoded in Hiragana. Download: None

Midoko Asuna/Asune ACT2 APPEND: Announced. VCV and CV in one. Power voicebank and unknown voicebank and unknown voicebank. Japanese. Download: None

Midoko Asuna/Asune ENGLISH: Announced. CV-VC voicebank. English normal voicebank. English. Download: None

Midoko Asuna/Asune ENGLISH APPEND: Announced. CV-VC voicebanks. Unknown English voicebanks. English. Download: None

Usage Clause

  • You must NOT claim his voice as your own work
  • You must NOT claim his character as your own work, though you can make art of him as long as you say who he is and that he is not your own character.
  • You must NOT base a character off his art
  • You must NOT base a character off his voice
  • You must NOT make a pitched UTAU out of his voicebank (Midoko Asuna is the defult voicebank. See below for flags to make Asune)
  • You must NOT make him sing any songs that are racist, sexist or mean to people in any way.
  • You must NOT edit his oto files, or edit his voice samples
  • You CAN ship him in a song with any Vocaloid or UTAU, as long as it's okay with the other UTAU's owner

Reccomended Flags

Midoko Asuna is the defult voice for this bank. If you want to use Asune you must add the gender factor flag "g+"

ACT1: Y5BRE0t2h10F4H3g+20

ACT1.5 g+17b15

Some details are based on existing information and usage experience. The details seen here may be subject to change without prior notice.

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