Name: Midori Kichona(キチョナ ミドリ )

NAME INTERPRETATION: Midori, Green. Kichona, Precious. Litteraly "Precious Green".


MODEL: 06 (on her back)


Female Voice Range C3 to C4 Related Characters

Yume Utao: Good Friend

Saisei Maigo: Her crush

Tsuki Taiyo: Bullies Midori

Age 17 genre Pop and classical Homepage DeviantART
Weight 114 llbs Character item Granny Smith Apples Creator Shehero6/Scythestsix/Sheherohateszelda
Height 5'8" Voice Source Shehero6/Scythestsix Picture Link List DeviantART
Birthday August 18, 2011 Likes Eating, sleeping, singing, hanging out with her friends, yaoi, going to operas. Media List Youtube playlist
Release date August 18, 2011 Dislikes Being single, being denied to sing, this crazy wiki format... Signature song


Personality: A bubbly and hyper person. She can be a bit rude at times if she doesn't get what she wants. Really only wants to be lazy. She adores her ahoge, which forms the shape of an "M", the first letter of her name. She has large breasts and is pretty dumb at times. She's always wanting to play with Saisei, but due to her lacking emotions, it becomes difficult and awkward.


Hair: White that fades into green. An "M" shaped ahoge on top.

Eyes: Green.

Clothing: Black leather with green accents.

Headgear: None.


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