MIGOTO SENMU (Japanese: migoto 専務 - Migoto Senmu)

Migoto: splendid, magnificent, beautiful

Senmu: conductor


MODEL: 0 - This model imprint is shown on the right arm.


Sora Akane (shopping buddy) Rin Kagamine (idol) Ayane Fujishima (friend) Momo Yumi (looks up to her) Mine Asahina (best friend)

Midori Akine (best friend)

WEIGHT 116 lbs CHARACTER ITEM conductor's wand CREATOR [ Sydney


HEIGHT 5'6" ft (168 cm) VOICE SOURCE none PICTURE LINK LIST &section=&q=midori+akine DEVIANT ART
BIRTHDAY May 12, 1994 LIKES singing,sweets, eating, meeting new people, amusement parks, animals, shopping MEDIA LIST YOUTUBE
RELEASE DATE Oct 11, 2010 DISLIKES carrots, jerks, selfishness SIGNATURE SONG none
PERSONALITY: Senmu never takes anything for granted and sees everything as a blessing. She is nice, innocent, and sweet, but she is ruthless when you get her angry. She tries her best to support and help out her friends and does anything and everything for them, which is how she earned the nickname the Conductor. Migoto loves to sing but rarely does it out of fear that someone will hear her and insult her. She can be extremely airheaded at times and people often have to correct her.

Supplemental Information[edit]

Hair color: Blond
Headgear: a microphone that goes around her ear
Eye color: Pink
Earphones: none
Dress: A short white coat with a black design on it and a single pink bow acting as a button. Beneath that, a pink vest with buttons running down it and lace on either side of the buttons(her stomach can be seen when she lifts her arms in the air). She has on a large white belt with stars on the left side and yellow bikini bottoms with pink ruffles around her legs. She has black socks resembling Miku's shoes with a yellow line instead of turquoise and white boots with a golden line on the front and pink ruffles similar to the ones on her bottoms on the lower sides.
Nationality/Race: Caucasian American, Italian
Personal Quote: Uuh...what?

Voice Configuration[edit]

This UTAU's voice was never completed due to the fact that she is a test dummy and was only meant to be used to test parts for future Vocaloids; she was never meant to awaken.

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