M-2 - Mika Asano/浅野美花

Profile Picture:

Voice Banks: 1 (Currently a work in progress)

Appends: To be discussed.

General Information


Romaji Encoding: Mika Asano

Japanese Encoding: 浅野美花

Meaning: Mika - 美花 (In this case the kanji read 'Beautiful Flower') Asano -  浅野 (Shallow Field)

Real Name: Amaris Lorae


Upon time of release: 11

Current: 11

Release Date:


Character Info:

Hair Colour:

Description of Hair:

Eye Colour:

Height: 137 cm

Weight: 31 kg

Race: Succubus



Likes - Chocolate, Being pampered, Being paid attention to.

Dislikes - Lack of attention towards her.


Mika is a girl who is very uptight, sacrastic and doesn't care for anyone's feelings. Her friends to her is just another subordinate in her 'kingdom' but she does regard them as her friend. Other that having a very sharp tongue/very violent, she can be conserved and smart in her actions. She has a sweet tooth but always get angry if people say she's put on weight/or addicted.

Apparently she isn't human yet she refuses to say otherwise. She claims to be a human, though is actually a succubus raised in the human world knowing only that she will rule over the Netherworld as the rightful heir to the throne. She's pleased about this and wants to grow in power to show others not to mess with her.

Mika get embarrased in 'stupid situations' which may even result in violence. The violence is taken out on her 'servant' which she calls Kyuu. Kyuu is a demon familiar who is aiding Mika towards her upcoming role.

Voicebank Info

Voicer of Koemi: Fuuko

Creator: Cookie

Designed by: Cookie

Other Members of Project MOE:

Suika Irie

Relationship: Good Friend + Fellow Member of MOE-Loids

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