(Japanese:姫音ミカ - ひめねみか - Himene Mika)
姫音 (Himene; Princess Sound)

ミカ (Mika) - Creator's nickname

Miru Himene (long lost sister)

Rin/Len Kagamine(Vocaloid idols)

Matsudappoiyo (UTAU idol)

Matsudappoine (UTAU idol)

Aiko Pinky (best friend)

Kara Kokone (best friend)

Hasami Nemune (best friend)
WEIGHT 50kg CHARACTER ITEM Item: Princess tiara

Food: White colored marshmallow with strawberry filling

Drink: Cherry flavored soda

CREATOR Mika_the_rebellion

(UtaForum account)

Himene Mika 姫音ミカ (Google+ account)

Yee Lin Loh (Facebook account) Mika_the_princess (Twitter account)

HEIGHT 165 cm / 5'4 ft (excluding the ahoge)

170 cm / 5'6 ft (including the ahoge)

BIRTHDAY 7th January 2013 (Vocaloid OC birthday)

7th January 2014 (UTAU birthday)

LIKES cold food, playing video games, hanging out with her friends, winter, UTAU, Vocaloid, singing, drawing, having a private space all to herself, nice people, horror stuff (only when in Yandere/Yangire mode), destroying stuff for fun, etc. MEDIA LIST Not available
RELEASE DATE Planned to be 7th January 2016 (if enough time to make voicebank) or 7th January 2017 (if not enough time to make voicebank) DISLIKES spicy food, bullies, pervy stuff, perverts, cockroaches, spiders, being shipped with someone, people saying bad things about her and her loved ones, people making fun of her and her loved ones, annoying stuff, etc. SIGNATURE SONG Unknown
ADDITIONAL INFO: Mika may be a princess, but she's not himedere, instead she's a 15-year-old kuudere who can be quite childish when she's not doing any princess work...but she's yangire when she's angry or becomes crazy...and her wish is to be a normal teenage girl instead of being a mature royalty member. Mika is kind-hearted, quiet and shy most of the time and she doesn't like to express her feelings. She is very sensitive when others say something bad about her and has a very, VERY short watch out! She mostly sings by herself when no one can hear her. She likes hanging out with her friends, but she also likes having some alone time by herself. She is very poor at sports (except for chess)...I mean...have you ever seen a princess do physical sports? And of course, since she's a princess, she's picky with almost everything.

Supplemental Information

Hair: long (except for the bunch of hair above her right eye that looks like a backwards comma), has a V-shaped end, dark brown in color, has an ahoge and a side ponytail on her left. 

Himene Mika boxart pose edit

Mika's full body art

Headgear: (see headphones), has a pink rubber band to tie up some of her hair into a side ponytail, wears a white princess tiara (only on special occasions and the tiara has no specific the tiara can look like anything! Who knows?). 

Eye color: dark brown (same color as hair). 

Headphones: white headset with a pink heart on each side, which also acts as a hair band to keep her long hair back and from fully covering her left eye, so don't mistake her hair above her left eye to be short. 

Dress: (see picture...Why? Because I'm too lazy to describe...orz) 

Nationality: Singaporean 

Race: Normal form: Human; Monster form: 50% Demon, 50% Angel

Favorite phrase / Catchphrase: "Whatever...I don't really care..." . This phrase is due to her disgust in lots of things or when she is in a bad mood or has no motivation. 

Mika Himene is the Utauloid representation of Mika_the_princess / Loh Yee Lin (real name).They are one in the same, from height to weight, likes to dislikes, age, personality and birthday (except for the year of birth)...even Mika's character items are her creator's favorite items as well! (In other words, Mika is a self-insert of Mika_the_princess.)

Her color theme and favorite color is mainly white with a little bit of light pink.

Author's Notes

-Don't claim Mika as yours

-Don't take her design to make another UTAU

-Don't make a pitchloid from her (when she's released, of course)

-Don't ever use her for R18 stuff

-Do credit me for Mika's voicebank (when she's released)

-You can make fan art for her

-Do not ship her with anyone (I don't really feel comfortable being shipped with someone...)

(And many other notes...this is just a few...)

Mika's voicebanks

Mika doesn't have a fully released voicebank yet. 

Mika's voice will be her creator's natural voice (no editing involved).  

*Mika's test/demo voicebank: 

-PROTOTYPE- (Warning: low quality since this is just the prototype voicebank)

Download it here:

(P.S: Mika's -PROTOTYPE- voicebank is missing some samples and an oto.ini because after I accidentally deleted the voicebank, I've only managed to restore part of the vocal files...QAQ ~Mika_the_princess~)

*Voicebanks for Mika that are planning to make:


2) -SHY-



5) -POWER-

6) -DARK-

7) -SWEET-





The voicebanks will be made according to the order above.

Most of Mika's voicebanks will be CV. Her -NORMAL- voicebank is currently in WIP.

Here's a test sample of PART of her -PROTOTYPE- voicebank: Here, here and here

How Himene Mika was created

One day, I logged into a MMORPG game named Eternal Saga (S19) as Miss_Legend. Then I met a user named Miharu and became close friends, so close that we started to treat each other as sisters. Since sisters are supposed to have the same surname/last name and we are huge fans of Vocaloid, the two online sisters (which are us) came up with the surname/last name Himene and I named myself Mika, while Miharu named herself Miru. And thus, the Himene siblings were born as Vocaloid OCs in year 2013. But my Miss_Legend account was abandoned after a few months offline (due to the fact that my character, Miss_Legend became more low-leveled than the others because ya know...few months offline...and everyone in the game doesn't like me...because...low level = weak... TTnTT).

A year later, I've found and learned about the UTAU program through the famous UTAU, Kasane Teto. When I've heard that anyone can make an UTAU of their own, I started creating one with my Vocaloid OC, changing Himene Mika from a Vocaloid OC to an UTAU. And from then on, I became an UTAU user...and possibly REALLY OBSESSED about the UTAU program, UTAUs and my own UTAU as well...(that is also why I named most of my MMORPG game characters, usernames and passwords that have the word "Mika or "Himene Mika" in them...and I'm NOT bragging or showing off or something like that, OK?)

But sadly, Himene Miru still stayed as a Vocaloid OC with no design nor info. Until now, I still don't even know Himene Miru's appearance...hence the "long lost sister" part. And since Miru has no info, I don't even know if Miru is younger, older, or's still a mystery and no one knows...


Himene Mika's backstory

(Coming soon...because it's too long and I'm lazy to type... ~Mika_the_princess~)

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