Mimori Mononoke

( Japanese ; 物の怪 未森 - Mononoke Mimori )
物の怪 ( Mononoke ; specter / ghost ) This is referring to the fact that Mimori is technically dead, though her soul does inhabit her android body.

未森 ( Mimori ; beautiful forest ) Refers to her being a fan of Mori Girl fashion, which is means to invoke the feeling of nature.

TYPE: UTAUloid / Keiloid
MODEL: k.01
GENDER Demigirl ( preferring she / her pronouns ) VOICE RANGE Yet to be determined. RELATED
Oliver ( idol )
AGE 16 GENRE Folk, Indie, Dreampop, Indie Pop HOMEPAGE majokkodaisy's youtube
WEIGHT n/a CHARACTER ITEM Hanami Dango CREATOR majokkodaisy
HEIGHT 5'3" VOICE SOURCE majokkodaisy PICTURE LINK LIST Not available
BIRTHDAY November 29, 1999 LIKES Unknown MEDIA LIST Not available
RELEASE DATE tba. DISLIKES Unknown SIGNATURE SONG " Dango Daikazoku ( CLANNAD ending theme. ) "
ADDITIONAL INFO: Currently unavailable.

Supplemental Information

  • Hair Color: light brown
  • Headgear: none
  • Eye Color: light blue
  • Clothing: a red scarf paired with a brown shawl, a light blue shirt with vertical white strips, a white sweater, a brown buttoned vest, and a long flowing white skirt. mori girl inspired.
  • Nationality/Race: japanese, but can speak english.

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