Minaka Kawaiine/Mǐ nà jiā kě'ài de shēngyīn (かわいいミナカ/米娜嘉 可爱的声音) is a new Taiwanese VocaTau.

かわいい/可爱的声音:Cute Sound

ミナカ/米娜嘉: (No meaning actually )

TYPE: VocaTau

MODEL: TT-6 (TT: Her creators play-name:TamaTomato) (6: Lucky number)

Gender: Female/Girl

Related  Characters: Len Kagamine (Best Friend,somehow like a crush and a security guard),Minato Kawaiine (Older brother,somehow like a security guard)

Age: Around 12

Genre: Kid songs,Pop,Soft and sweet melody

Weight: 30 kg

Height: 153cm

Character Item: Brown Teddy bear and a cookie

Creator and Voice source: TamaTomato

B-Day: 7th September

Release date: 7th September

Likes: Her family,Her friends, Len (She blush to him a lot), Brown Teddy bear and a cookie

Dislikes: one of her friends and family were hurt,Broken Teddy bear,Annoying/Disturbing things,Unconfortable things

Personality: She is nice girl.She also classified as a smooth Himedere.She is very loving and well trusted to the people that she know.She is popular at her school.She is very preety girl (maybe that’s why Len said that she is Len’s Type of girl).Because of her preetiness,Any boy likes her.She is a cute girl.She is also Innocent.She is also a shy girl and always being a red faced girl (blush-a-lot-girl) to Len.She is VocaTau Idol.She will Promote Taiwan.And her video will be added to YouTube when the author of Minaka is 18 years or older,Right now she is 11 years old.

Supplemental Information

Occupation: 6th Grader Student in Usano Elementary School.
Hair color: Brown and long hair.
Headgear: None.
Eye color: Pink.
Earphones: None
Skirt: Pink
Underwear: White and pink
Accessories: None
Nationality/Race: Taiwanese,Japanese
Catchphrase: Minaka tō no yōna tōjishade wa arimasende wa arimasen (
ミナカ党のような当事者ではありませんではありません) Meaning: Ain't no party like Minaka Party

Usage clause

  • Redistribution of Minaka 's edited voicebank is forbidden.
  • Do not redistribute Minaka's voicebank without the author's permission.
  • Do not edit Minaka 's voicebank and/or claim it as yours.
  • Do not use Minaka 's voicebank to violate laws and regulations, and/or promote crime and/or racism.
  • Do not use Minaka to insult and/or slander third person and/or third party.
  • Do not sell Minaka 's voicebank and/or character commercially.
  • No limitation is imposed on resetting parameters.
  • No limitation is imposed on fanart making based on Minaka.
  • Redistribution of Minaka 's voicebank is not encourage.
  • Avoid mary-sues

Random Trivia

-Len said that he want to marry Minaka soon..As soon as posible

-She has a very pale skin,dosent mean she is a zombie

-Her body is slim,but sometimes flexible (is Flexible and slim is the same?)

-She can do breakdance

-She can make everybody laugh and happy

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