Mira Tsutsuma


Mira: romaji for mirror

Tsutsuma: Wrapped or shrouded; namesake for her headphones




ACT3: F#3-B4

VCV: G#1-A5

ADULT: D#3-D#6


Ai Ikeda (friend)

Kyuuki Koko (friend)

Maxy Sasayaku (friend)

Zero Monta (friend)

AGE 14 GENRE Rock, Upbeat/Pop  HOMEPAGE


WEIGHT 50 kg CHARACTER ITEM Choral book CREATOR Stre-chan (CometStre)
BIRTHDAY January 18th, 1998 LIKES Reading, eating, sleeping, apples and macaroni, blueberries, singing MEDIA LIST



RELEASE DATE February 7th, 2012 DISLIKES Depressed people, excessive yanderes, mushy and bubbly people SIGNATURE SONG

A Piece of Junk World (ADULT VCV)

PERSONALITY: Mira is generally very mellow and relaxed, when she knows what she's doing, but will sometimes fake it so that she doesn't look odd. She is very smart, but not very bright, and can sometimes be very highstrung to try and balanced out her mellow nature. She is hardly depressed, but when she is she tries to get out of it as well as she can because she hates sadness.


Basic Information

Voice Configuration

Voicebank Downloads

Song Covers

Basic InformationEdit

Hair color: Dark cobalt blue

Headphones: Transleucent cyan with white lights

Eye color: Cobalt blue

Dress: ACT3: A bright blue short sleeved high collared shirt with a yellow patch above her left breast. She has a knee-length pleated white skirt and high white socks with shiny blue lining. Her shoes are are dark gray mary-janes with cyan heels and gold buttons holding the strap in place. On her arms she has dark-gray tight arm-warmers with dark blue lining.

VCV: Very similar to her original design- wraparound headphones, high brown boots with thigh-high gray socks with cyan ruffles along the edges, a dark blue skirt with a shimmery cyan fabric over top, a loose white sailor fuku top that is as long as her skirt but with cuts up to the waist. The original gray ribbon on her skirt is gone while the one on her fuku is very long. Her hair is longer and messier, and has gray arm warmers that go past her hands and have cyan ruffles underneath.

Nationality: American

Favorite phrase: "Don't wake me, please."

Voice ConfigurationEdit

Her most current cv bank is her ACT3, and has several appends in the works. Her current vcv is her NATIVE bank.

NATIVE VCV- Currently released and fully oto-ed with the same reclist as Ritsu, pitched at C4 (Has E4, A4 and C5 in the works)

ACT3: Her newest CV bank recorded with a handheld microphone, it is the clearest and has ending breaths/extra sounds

Append SPRING: A very soft/whisper bank that will be released in the spring.

APPEND SUMMER: Similar to her Staccato append, not started yet

Voicebank Downloads

ACT3 download here

NATIVE VCV download here

Up for download above are her most updated banks as of 1/7/14.

Please be wary of the usage clause:do not use her for any mean or inappropriate purposes.

Song Covers

All song covers can be found on Youtube under the user SasukexRosy or Emma-chan. 

Under Soundcloud they can be found under CometStre, or the tag Mira Tsutsuma.

Her first song ever was Happy Synthesizer ft Kyuuki Koko.

Her most recent cover is Puzzle using her PIANO V2 Append.

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