Mirakyo Mirakuroid head

Mirakyo Mirakuroid

    Mirakyo Mirakuroid

(Japanese:ミラクロイド ミラキョ)


Only a silly a silly mix between the voicer's first name and the romanji of "Miracle".




- DK

(His portable game console)

- Mirakuru Mirakuroid (Fellow Miracloid)

- Mirakuri Mirakuroid (Fellow Miracloid)

- Mirakuro Mirakuroid (Fellow Miracloid)

- Auroro Mirakuroid (Fellow Miracloid)

- Mirakuray Mirakuroid (Fellow Miracloid)


11 (or 15)



[On working]

WEIGHT 50 kg CHARACTER ITEM His game console CREATOR TheMirakuloidProject (Mira)
HEIGHT 1m60 VOICE SOURCE Kyo (Mira's little brother) PICTURE LINK LIST Everything is on the Homepage.
BIRTHDAY 5 Jun. LIKES His game console and himself. MEDIA LIST



RELEASE DATE 10 January 2013 DISLIKES Everything else. SIGNATURE SONG

 Soundless Voice

PERSONALITY: Mirakyo is totally anti-social young boy. He doesn't like being with other people and prefers staying with his game console. He doesn't speak and only opens his mouth when he MUST sing.

Mirakyo's face is always expressionless, his feelings can only be deducted according to the movements of his tail and his network antenna [When he loses his game, his antenna twists on itself and his tail shakes furiously].

STORY: Mirakyo has been abandonned by his first master (his voicer), who didn't want to take care  of him anymore. This one gave him to Mira, who directly adopted him and called him "Mirakyo". Since he has been abandonned by his voicer, Mirakyo doesn't speak, because he doesn't want to remember of the voice of his old master and uses instead his game console when he WANTS to communicate with the others (it's REALLY rare). He don't speak to the other Miracloid, because he didn't need friends since he has his game console.

Supplemental Informations

Hair color: A mix of blue/green and black.
Mirakyo Mirakuroid Concept Art

Headgear: An network antenna

Eye color: Pale Blue/green

Headphones: Blue/Green earphones

Dress: A black one-piece which covers all his body under a white jacket with black short sleeves,white fingerless gloves

Nationality/Species: Belgian. (Seventh Belgian UTAU) Unknown specie.

Extra: He has a USB-plug as tail and two blue/green stripes on each cheek.

Voice Configuration

Mirakyo is created to be played in C3 [Or in C4 with g-flags].
Mirakyo Box Art ACT1 JP

His voice over C4 is considered as his game console's one, DK.

Also, His console's voice can be used as an append.

Current VB:

Voicer: Kyo.

Voices: 151

Otos and Aliases: apatheticFlighter

Language: Japanese romanji with hiragana aliases


- Mirakyo don't need pitchloid.

- Mirakyo can change his outfit to fit more to a song but he keeps his tail, his antenna and the marks on his face.

- Mirakyo can sing any kind of songs.

- Mirakyo belongs to Mira(TheMirakuloidProject) and Auro (Aquarindra) and to The Project Miracloid.

- Have fun with him!

- Mira would like seeing your awesome work with him.

Voice Banks Progress

Japanese CV ACT 1 (NOTE: Mirakyo has a good engrish)

English ACT 1

French ACT 1

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