Misao Yoko is a UTAUloid, her name means fidelity child.


Her outfit is a deep blue off the shoulder top, the left sleve slides off her left shoulder, and is covered with yellow stars. She has black booty shorts and past the knee black heeled boots. (Sometimes she is shown with a Black jacket and belt on it). Her hair is dirty blonde and past her waist, her eyes are a deep green also.


Misao seems to be outgoing and happy, she talks to everyone and tells her opinion. She doesn't get along with some people from how they act or talk to her and will not hesitate to kick, punch, bite, scratch, Etc.


She was created to have a higher voice, but failed. Her voice ended up being lower than Yowane Haku's (but she still sounded female). Her voice sounded horrible, which made her creators angry so they left her voice be. Her voiced is used for dark/sad/evil songs or hardcore rock. 

Voice Potrayals

Her voice is used for Dark/sad/evil songs or hardcore rock.

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