Mitsuki (ミツキ)is the second UTAUloid in the PonyPokiLoid series.

Appearance: Pink ponytail, futuristic-ish jacket with no sleeves, separate Miku like sleeves, skirt with a sliver in it to show off another skirt under, two black sashes on the skirt, dark pink shorts, superhero looking boots, glass bracelets that you look at and you just want to touch because they are shiny, and a headset reminiscent of that of Beck, the titular character of the upcoming video game Mighty No. 9.

Mitsuki idolizes Haruka Nana and Kane Tomo and desperately wants to be the third wheel in their (non-canon) friendship. Mitsuki has a cute voice that sounds like a mixture of Nana and Tomo's voices. Mitsuki loves to sing, listen to Nana and Tomo's music, and play video games! Mitsuki is 10 years old and 5 feet tall.

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