幸 (Miyuki) means Happiness or Good Fortune



Gender: Female
Voice Range: D-4-C-3

Related Characters:

Mitsu Yama(best friend)

Kazuki Yamashita (rival)

Hoshiko Kenichi(duet and BFF)

Age: 13
Genre: Anything but Rap and Rock And Roll Homepage: Unknown Weight: Unknown

Character item: None yet

Creator: Hikari Height: Unknown
Voice Source: Hikari Picture list: None Birthday: March 17

Release date: NOT YET

Dislikes: Fire (has Pyrophobia) Signature song: None


Hair Colour: Black

Headgear: NONE

Eye Colour: Heterochromatic (odd-eye). Purple (left) and Bule (right).

Earphones: None

Dress: Loilta

Others: NONE

Nationality: Japanese/Korean (100% Korean but a Japanese Citizen)

About Miyuki Suiren

Yuki Kagoshima was made but the creator couldn't finish her voicebank. She was not done yet, so Kazuki was made after her but finish before her so they be came rivals. She is a strong hearted person, friendly and has no tsundere personitly. Her real model is 0@o4 because to problems. On Januray, 28, 2012, her name was changed to Miyuki Suiren.

Voice Configuration

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