Mmd mizki ref by xxshaisutekinalovexx-d95jshy

Mizki Sanozaki is a Japanese UTAU created by XxKawaiiHeartX and is voiced by postalservices.


She loves to be alone a lot. She is a 16 year old tsundere. She hates Ritsu. Her girlfriend is Misper. Her character item is a blueberry. Her UTAU Number is 0801. She is best friends with Shai Sutekina, and she finds Shurui Meiwakuna.

Mizki is also related to Teyla Sanozaki/Shinohara, through her Mother being Teyla's Mother's sister. Making Teyla and Mizki out to be cousins.


Voicebank download coming soon.
Mizki sanozaki boxart by arisamitsuko-d8zywqe

Mizki Sanozaki Boxart ACT 1.

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