(Japanese: 花らみずほ - はならみずほ- Hanara Mizuho
花ら (Hanara)- Based off of the Japanese word for flower and the name if the creator which are both Hana

みずほ (Mizuho)- A popular girl's name. Phonetically based off of the word for water, mizu.

TYPE: Punk-ass kid
MODEL: 花273 (It travels vertically down her lower spine.)
GENDER Agender with feminine qualities since she is a robot VOICE RANGE A2-G#4 RELATED
No one as of now
AGE Unknown (Appears 20 or so.) GENRE Any HOMEPAGE None currently.
WEIGHT 123 lb (56 kg) CHARACTER ITEM Cheeseburger CREATOR ハッミー
HEIGHT 5' 7" (170 cm) VOICE SOURCE Hannah Ehlers (ハンナエーラース) PICTURE LINK LIST Will update later
BIRTHDAY February 29 LIKES Being a punk, acting tough, food, reading a good manga MEDIA LIST To be announced
RELEASE DATE 2015-12-08 DISLIKES Being toyed with, Sweets (for the most part), jerks SIGNATURE SONG Senbonzakura
ADDITIONAL INFO: Mizuho acts like one of those tough punk kids but it is really a facade. She actually has a strong sense of justice and to do the right thing (most of the time). Singing is a secret passion.

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