Mizune Misaki

Mizune Natsumi [Might change design]

Name: Mizune Natsumi [Meaning Water - Sound & Summer - Sea)

Nickname: Natsu, Natsum

Age: 17

Type: SORAloid [Creator's UTAU line]

Model: SA-00 [The first SORAloid]

Signature item: A wooden katana and pudding

Nationality: Indonesian UTAUloid


Natsu is a mature yet feminine girl. She can be a bit of a yandere at times. Natsu is based off the creator's OC, Sora Suzuki, hence her different colored eyes, blonde and orange hair. Her design is not yet determined, but her voice sample is published, though she have no downloadable VB yet. Her presumable range is C4-E5, not decided yet, though... Her voice source is Sorane Nanami[ SkyChronicle ]'s mature female voice. Her voicebank is developing and at least finished at October. Her color scheme is dark pink-purple. And her design is not final yet... So, the creator [Sorane Nanami] is thinking of her design while you read this. A sample of her voice

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