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百恵 まいこ

Momoe Maiko
Momoe(Hundred Blessings) Maiko(Dancing Child)
TYPE: None
MODEL: none
Macne Nigo (Friend) Namine Ritsu (Friend)
AGE 17 GENRE Pop,Dance,Ballad, HOMEPAGE Not Made Yet
WEIGHT 120 lbs CHARACTER ITEM French Macarons CREATOR Memeロイド-
HEIGHT 5ft 8inch VOICE SOURCE Memeロイド- (Real Name is Brandon) PICTURE LINK LIST
BIRTHDAY unknown not yet placed LIKES Most Vocaloids,Sweets (Mostly Macarons),Dancing,Drawing, Quiet People. MEDIA LIST Not available
RELEASE DATE being developed releasing in October or Late September DISLIKES Big Al,Sukone Tei (is scared because she hates people who are around Len,)Tonio, Bitter Tastes, SIGNATURE SONG Unknown
ADDITIONAL INFO: Maiko was born as half fox demon and human being.Born in a vast grotto. He moved out when he was a child. His first friend "Macne Nigo"was a sad person at times, but when ever he danced, it made her happy which is why he loves dancing so much. Maiko is afraid of Sukone Tei because he hangs out with Kagamine Len a Vocaloid. He looks up to Namine Ritsu, which he thinks is a girl.He is good friends with Ooka Miko and Rook. Maiko is a very Sweet and kind person.He doesn't get along with Vocaloids like Tonio or Big Al which annoys him and makes him want to rip there throats.

Supplemental Information

Hair Color: Brown Red

Eye Color: Apricot Orange that fades to a dark brown

Clothing: wears a brownish, yellow collard sweater,with red buttons.Orange Shorts,blue socks,crimson shoes.

Race: Half-Fox Demon

Maiko wears a tee with a picture of a macaron and a heart under his large sweater coat.Maiko's ears are attached to his body and tail as well.Candy is stuck on his tail.

Voicebank Info

Momoe Maiko will be release somewhere in October or through December. of 2015

Recordings will be CV bank and CVVC bank

Two Singing style Soft and Natural.which is basically his normal sound

chibi concept art
  • Soft will be a quieter sound than Natural
  • Natural will have two pitches
  • breath sounds will be added
  • his voicebanks are made for slow dance, Pop, or Ballad songs


Distribution of making fan art is okay. Anything that is R-18 can be okay but nothing that is very offending.

Redistributing my voicebank will not be allowed. If done by making an utau but using voicebank or saying is yours will be ask to take down anything that redistributes Maiko.

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