Momoko's name means (Momo-) Peach and (Ko)child


Momoko has orange hair put up in 2 ponytails, she wears a orange tank top with white suspenders, her bottoms are a white puffed out miniskirt, her boots go past her knees and are black with short heels and her eyes are orange.



She is very cheerful and looks up to Hastune Miku as her idol, she is always joyful and is never sad. She very much wants to murder Rin and Len Kagamine, she thinks they are 'unfit' to be a Vocaloid and she should replace them. If she see Rin and Len she will attack them and try to kill them in anyway.


Her biography is unknown

Voice potrayals


Voice configuration

Voice bank has not been released

Additional info

More can be found on this site here

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