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Japanese: マンデイー or 月曜日 (changes in each language)
Monday means "Moon's day" and in North Germanic mythology, the moon is personified as a god.
GENDER Female VOICE RANGE Monday's range is not defined RELATED
Monday has no relationships
AGE 17 GENRE Not defined HOMEPAGE Unknown
WEIGHT 63kg CHARACTER ITEM Monday has no item CREATOR Currently unknown
HEIGHT 173cm VOICE SOURCE Monday's provider is unknown PICTURE LINK LIST Not available
BIRTHDAY February 12th LIKES Reading, winter, being alone, silence MEDIA LIST Not available
RELEASE DATE Unknown DISLIKES Being outside, water SIGNATURE SONG Leia
ADDITIONAL INFO: Typical Dandere

Monday is the human version of the weekday. She's blue but is lacking colour, as can be seen my her clothing. While someone looking at her would see an "emo", she feels like an empty casket. Her intentions are always good, but she never lets anybody know. She never says a word, even when she's out with friends, but she smiles along with them.

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