Chibi Mono headshot

(Japanese: - Kura Mono - くら もの - クラ モノ)

Mono - Meaning "one"
Kura - Meaning "Treasure House" (Refering to her love of money)

Put together her name is Mono Kura, a pun on Monochrome, refering to her black and white colour scheme.

Mocha - The creator calls her this as when he VB was in progress, she sang 'Gocha Gocha Urusee' but could only sing the 'cha' part, earning her this nickname

Muu - She is called this to rhyme with Lu so her creator can just call them Lu and Muu.

TYPE: UTAUloid - series called Minoruloids

MODEL: 03 (The 0 has a lightning bolt inside of it)




D#3 to D6


Lucetta Hoshi (Fellow Minoruloid and friend)

Tsukiki Mona (Fellow Minoruloid)


Minoruloid Blog

WEIGHT Unknown CHARACTER ITEM Money CREATOR Skul4eva/HarukaNiji
HEIGHT 4' 11" VOICE SOURCE Skul4eva/HarukaNiji PICTURE LINK LIST Chibi Mono

24th of April

LIKES Money, Thunder, Lightning, Storms, MEDIA LIST N/A

ACT1 - 3rd of September 2012

DISLIKES Singing, Tsukiki, her money being stolen, NOTABLE WORKS

Judgement of Corrption

PERSONALITY: Mono is generally not a happy person. She hardly ever smiles and claims to hate singing. She is easily annoyed and often picked on by Tsukiki.

HISTORY: Mono, along with the other Minoruloids, was originally human. After the tragic event, which involved the person who had brought Lu, Mono and Tsuki together and helped them becomes friends, and a rather tall building. Due to an unknown occurence, Leia, their friend, fell off the tall building and died. They knew that she had loved singing, so they took part in an experiment. This experiment involved taking their memories and putting them into the body of a robot, killing their bodies, but allowing their memories and personality to exist in another body, effectively meaning that they still lived. Their new bodies could look however they wanted.

Supplemental Information

Hair color: Black and white
Eye color: Green
Outfit: Sleeveless white top, with a black lightning bolt down it, and a short white skirt with black lines

  • Headgear- None
  • Gloves- White detatched sleeves with black around the edges
  • Shoes- Black and white stripey socks and normal white shoes

Nationality: English (Sings in Japanese though)
Race: UTAU, however, she was once human

Voice Configuration

Mono's voicebank can be found here.

Please note: The readme file is only half finished, and the oto.ini might not be quite right, and half of her sounds are lower than the others but she still sounds alright. The some of the flags mentioned in the readme might not be needed, so feel free to not use them.

Covered songs


ACT used

Date covered

Duration of song

Other notes Original Artist

Link to cover on YT

Meltdown ACT1 03.09.2012 5:29 N/A Kagamine Rin


Demon Girlfriend ACT1 08.09.2012 4:17 N/A Kagamine Rin


Demon Girlfriend
Hope ACT1 23.09.2012 3:18 N/A Hatsune Miku



(Cover Art)

The First War Against Myself

(Dai Ichiji Jibun Sensou)

ACT1 03.10.2012 4:03 With Ionaria (Ion) Goth Utatane Piko and Kagamine Len


First War Against Myself

(Cover Art)

Deadline Circus ACT1 05.10.2012 4:16 With Lucetta Hoshi and Ionaria (Ion) Goth GUMI, Gakupo and Kagamine Len

(Last Note)

Deadline Circus
Dream Meltic Halloween ACT1 31.10.2012 3:38 With Usa Mimi, Lucetta Hoshi, Ionaria (Ion) Goth, Ritsu Namine, Ruko Yokune and Songu Mugen. Hatsune Miku, MEIKO, KAITO, Megurine Luka, Gakupo, Kagamine Rin and Len


Dream Meltic Halloween
Love Love Nightmare ACT1 09.11.2012 4:47 N/A Hatsune Miku Love Love Nightmare
Judgement of Corruption ACT1 09.11.2012 4:58 N/A KAITO


Judgement of Corruption
Bad Apple! Chorus ACT1 27.01.2013 5:17 With 44 other UTAUs Touhou Project Bad Apple! Chorus

Link set to time where Mono is singing.


Voice Derivative

Name: Moni

Voice configuration: Unknown

Height: 9cm

Appearance: Similar to Mono's, with some differences

Useless Random Facts

  • Mono's favourite board game is Monopoly. If you ever play Monopoly with her, don't let her be in charge of the money, for obvious reasons.
  • Mono should not be allowed on TV shows. If she was on the Lottery, she would sent Moni into the machine to make sure her numbers are picked. If she was on "Deal or No Deal", she would send Moni into the boxes to see how much is in each box. All in all, Mono should not be allowed on TV.
  • Mono has been diagnosed (By her creators friend) with Plutomania, which explains a lot really.
  • Mono somewhat admires Piko, mainly for his colour scheme.
  • Mono's wiki page is annoying, as it only works in Source mode. Her creator is starting to get the hang of it though.

Usage Clause

[GENERAL USAGE] It is strictly forbidden to alter/redistribute Mono's voicebank without permission from Skul4eva on deviantART, Twitter or HarukaNiji on Youtube. Forms of use (media, art, etc.) relating to Mono require contacting Skul4eva for permission. Please remember to also follow the UTAU Rules and Regulations.

[POLITICAL/RELIGIOUS CONTENT] Do not use Mono for anything that violates laws, or offends any type of group, race, or moral.

[MATURE CONTENT] If you are unsure whether content made using Mono is appropiate, please contact Skul4eva on deviantART, Twitter or HarukaNiji on Youtube.  

All content and information on this page is made accurate and approved by Mono's creator, Skul4eva. The details seen here may be subject to change without prior notice.

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