Name: Myura Sakine

Age: 17

Birthday: May 9

Name Interpretation: Myu=Mew= I hate to say it but it's another cat Utau. Saki=Cherry Blossom, because she's somehow connected to a cherry blossom in an emotional way. Therefore she is said to sound as sweet as just that. ne=sound.

Put the name together and it sound like murasakine, meaning purple sound. Myura has a color scheme of purple.


Cat ponytail holders, purple hair loops. Brown eyes, not pale skin, but tan skin. Not too tan, perfect balance. Shorts, average UTAU/Vocaloid shirt. Color: purple.


Clumsy, smart, caring, curious, light-headed, spaced out. Has good intentions but sometimes messes up.

Item:A cherry blossom flower in her hair.


Working on the voice. Editing looks a bit.

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