Information on the English N-KUN Series site takes rule over the Japanese and Spanish sites.

The details seen here may be subject to change without prior notice.

4567402 orig

(Japanese: ン-クン シアリズ - ん-くん しありず - n-kun shiarizu)
ALIAS: N-KUN - (In romaji it's always or should always be in capitals)
Series (Shiarizu; Such as many things in a group)
TYPE: Series
MODEL: #001 - (The first voicebank produced by VocalMelody RuleTheWorld)
GENDER Gender fluid (Known as both sexes) VOICE RANGE Depends on voice bank in question RELATED CHARACTERS Anna Kokoro (Sister)


(Considered Sister)

AGE 16 (Age of voice actor and creator) GENRE Any Genre: voicebanks not specific for genre (N-KUN Sound is designed for fast beats) HOMEPAGE FACEBOOK N-KUN ENG



WEIGHT 165 lbs (75 kg) (The weight doesn't physically show) CHARACTER ITEM Mizu No Taiyo (An unseen charm that allows him to sing) CREATOR VocalMelody RuleTheWorld
BIRTHDAY April 28, 1999 DESIGNERS Various Please refer to the Designs page of N-KUN Series MEDIA LIST YOUTUBESOUNDCLOUD
RELEASE DATE April 28, 2013 WEB MAKER VocalMelody RuleTheWorld SIGNATURE SONG None as of yet
PERSONALITY: He's rather outgoing and loves to sing. He is nice to all characters. Although he is rather shy he likes making friends. His goal is to one day be as popular as Teto Kasane or Defoko. He is known to be rather confusing when he meets new people because of the fact that he is gender fluid. He dresses as both male and female roles most the time as the male role. He has no official ships as of July 23, 2015.

Supplemental Information

Hair color: Blue dual (Dark and Light)
Eye color: Hazel
Earphones: If seen with headphones they are pandas.
Dress/Outfit: Gray tank top (Design optional 'Remember me' is printed in the photo) top on the neck is blue bottom marking the end of the shirt is green. Black pants and Gray sneakers
Nationality/Race: Asian American

To see extended information on what is cannon and what is not I ask you to refer to the official page(s)

Voice Configuration

Voicebank information can be found out on home page

Released so far: CV+VCV; VCV; CV; CV Power

Voicebanks only come in the option in Japanese only. English Voicebank for N-KUN is currently unreleased and the ability for release is questionable.

Popular Appearances

N-KUN Series appeared at AFW (Anime Festival Wichita) 2015 in which many designs were displayed. The only photos taken were head shots. which can be viewed on N-KUN's official Facebook only.

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