Alias (in human form): Nama Nona (Nona-chan)


About the name: In her world, the names are given based on the magic they specialize in. But her magic is unknown kind, a magic without name. That's why she was given a name "NAMELESS". But instead of being "not worthy to have a name" it's the opposite, there was no name great enough to describe her magic.

Species: Wizard from another universe

Age: 13 (46 years)   In her own world she's 21 years  but since the year there is longer than a year here and people age differently, in our world she's 46 years old. So 21 years olds in her world are pyshically like 13 years olds in our world. In her world, over 65 years olds are considered mature.  But her age in our years is 46.

Height: 153 cm

Personality: Smart and confident, silent. A bit kuudere. Sometimes really stubborn. Lacks some basic social skills.

Backstory: She was a star student in her world, send to our planet to search for a "key".

Gender: Female

Birthday: July 29, 2015

Voicer: Kiosa



Download here: (Oto by Pupuomena )

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